More than 80% of PetrSU graduates are employed within a year after receiving their diploma

The PetrSU Career Center is actively involved in promoting the employment of students and graduates of PetrSU. All career activities during the pandemic were digitized.
Within the framework of an agreement with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), a digital career environment – “Faculty”, was introduced for universities . It is a digital service solution for the work of career and employment centers with students, alumni and employers. The platform allows for a huge number of career events, including digital job fairs. In 2020, the Career Center held 7 digital job fairs , two of which were held on the Faculty platform. It attracted about 70 employers and more than 1000 students and alumni.

Throughout the year, career consultations for students , consultations on resume writing were held on the digital services of the Career Center . A lot of work has been done to adapt to the labor market of students and graduates and increase their competitiveness.

Vacancies for students and graduates of various fields of study, as well as options for internship and internship, are published almost daily . More than 1000 vacanciesposted on the information resources of the Career Center. Cooperation of the career center of PetrSU with educational platforms and websites allows conducting career master classes for students and graduates. Within the framework of long-term agreements concluded with the Department of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Karelia, the Career Center closely interacts with the Employment Centers on issues of promoting employment and involves a digital platform – “Student Labor Exchange” in its work. There are more than 800 contracts of employers with the university in the base for passing the internship. The Council of Employers has been created for comprehensive work on the employment of young specialists. More than 150 cooperation agreements have been concluded between employers and the Career Center directly on employment issues, participation in various events,

The center is supported by the student association . Members of the association share advice on job search and employment, supervise students in finding temporary employment and help in getting to know employers, monitor the employment of graduates.

Within the framework of the All-Russian competition for the best organization of student self-government bodies, established with the aim of developing and popularizing the activities of student self-government bodies of professional educational organizations and educational institutions of higher education, the student association successfully overcame the competitive tests and reached the final.

The headquarters of student teams of PetrSU conducts its activities within the framework of an agreement with the Youth All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Student Troops” (RSO). In 2020, members of the headquarters and student teams took part in such events as: “Onega landing”, “Opening of the working season”, “School of professional skills”, “Closing the working season” and, summing up the results of the year (4 competitions in the program: the best detachment, the best press center, the best fighter, the best candidate), “District rally of student detachments” in Veliky Novgorod. More than 100 people were employed in the summer period in the organization of the Kaliningrad region, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar region and the Republic of Karelia.

One of the directions of promoting the employment of graduates in 2021 will be preparation for the implementation of such a project as “Startup as a Diploma”. As previously stated in the ministry, the “Startup as a Diploma” program aims to involve talented students in the development of an ecosystem of technological entrepreneurship and to support businesses that are in their early stages. An excellent example of the start of this project is the UMNIK program of the Innovation Promotion Fund, which has been successfully implemented in PetrSU for many years. The student scientific society of PetrSU allows young scientists to open up.

According to the results of monitoring the distribution of graduates by employment channels, more than 80% of graduates are employed within a year after receiving a diploma, of which 68% are employed in their specialty.

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