Mr. Santhosh Muruganantham shares his Kolapasi journey

Chennai: India’s premier management institutions, Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), organised the Beyond Management Initiative (BMI) session which offers a unique opportunity for students to listen to and interact with experts from various fields and thereby benefit from their significant experiences and valuable insights. The BMI lecture series are held every Wednesday in LIBA.

The BMI session conducted on Wednesday (20th February 2019) saw Mr. Santhosh Muruganantham Co-Founder and Managing Director of – Kolapasi. The entire motivational session circled on the theme ‘Stand Out or Stay Behind’ (i.e. the numerous ways in which one can differentiate oneself and stay ahead to run a business).

The speaker introduced the different aspects of entrepreneurship and expressed that zeal and great ideas are the key ingredients for a business startup. He also shared the importance to raise basic awareness of entrepreneurial concepts to enable students to identify and learn to develop a mind-set to take up entrepreneurship as a challenging career instead of only trying to get jobs in government sectors and private sectors. His advice to the students was to invent their own strategies to overcome the common problems instead of adopting the known clear-cut strategies.

He added saying “‘Standing out’ in the modern era, requires creating a unique value with your products. Also, devising policies and principles that promote socially responsible practices attract customers and investors to your business. Return on Emotion is always greater than Return on Investment for one’s business.” He concluded with advising the students to not wait for the best time to execute ideas. He also inspired the students to value the presence of parents as well as guides in their lives as it was they who helped him in building his reputation. The interactive session motivated the students to work hard and strive towards starting a new venture through adequate forward planning and execution of plans.