New Art Gallery GAG Moderne Makes its Debut in a New Avatar


New Delhi: One of the Capital city’s oldest art galleries in the Capital, Gita Art Gallery reopened with the promise of new commissions, old Masters and Grand Masters featuring with their unparalleled works and new displays of designated collections at the re-christened GAG Moderne at Sadhna Enclave. On Friday, the 1st March, 2019, it was the launch by NeAnGo Studio that now heads the new art gallery in his new avatar with its debut ‘Paradox of Silence’ show featuring works of masters like Rameshwar Broota, Manish Pushkale, Manu Parekh, Mona Rai, Amitava Das, Shobha Broota, Hem Raj, Kalicharan Gupta etc . Besides a meticulous display of some of the chosen works of the aforementioned artists, NeAnGo Studio spellbinding installation was also the highlight of the evening.

The new show ‘Paradox of Silence’ is a study of how deeply a work of art can affect the senses. The contention here is that these pieces will stir its audience to such a degree, that a really palpable response is but natural. And yet, the dignity of a placid, or silent, façade is something the art-lover is adept at. The silence of those who come to witness these art-works speaks louder than a thousand words.

Like most art museums and galleries dazzle and present works that seek to refurbish an art space with a mere renovation, greet visitors with a homey embrace, the trio of NeAnGo Studios comprising three artists – Neha Talwar, Anirudh Tripathi and Gopal Mehan – kept the re launch a rather low key affair, and hope to keep their collections rich with some of the most prestigious assemblage displayed at regular intervals from time to time.

On the opening day, the well-renowned danseuse Padamshri Shovana Narayan congratulated NeAnGo Studios and shared her joy and happiness of being a part of their grand re-opening. The day also marked the presence of many artists including G R Iranna, Sakti Burman, Gopi Gajwani, Kanchan Chander and Maya Burman to name a few.

The thousands of works that the original owner Mr Kuljeet Singh Butalia had amassed over the past five decades had been regularly put up in exhibitions at The Oberoi’s in 1964. Subsequently, in 1964, when Gita Art Gallery made its first appearance, ” and to this day, these original and rare works are like family “heirlooms,” which Mr Butalia very proudly talks about but is too unpretentious to hog any credit for. “When I started buying, one of the key things for me was to strike the right balance between knowledge and experience,” says Mr Butalia. “Also, it was sheer love for art and my love and respect for the artists that kept me going all these years,” he shares modestly.

The gallery is now being looked after by Neha Talwar, a formidable talent, who along with Anirudh Tripathi, will be the flag bearer of the re-invented gallery to uphold the spirit and live up to the expectations of her uncle’s grandiose reputation of selfless love and appreciation of art. “It’s a daunting task to maintain such a high standard, but with the support of both Anirudh and Mr. Butalia, I should be able to live up to the glory that this gallery had earned for years. We wish to organise not just exhibitions of the young and the established names from the field of art but also make this gallery a vibrant place for art related activities like panel discussions, talks and workshops, mini installations, and much more, in the forthcoming months.” Says Neha Talwar, Director, GAG Moderne.

NEANGO Studio has put up art installation for the Art show along with work of 10 artists. This is part of a series of installation that NEANGO Studio is doing on Mosquitoes. This installation is first in the series of Machharnama – One drop Paradox.

The show ‘Paradox of Silence’ is on display till the 31st of March, 2019.