“Music isn’t a hobby, it’s a career option with specialised options” says Dharini Upadhyaya, Co-Founder and Co-Ceo at Furtados School of Music

Engaging with Music helps to develop positive mental health and Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Furtados School of Music. Ms. Dharini Upadhyaya`s passion for music motivated her to pioneer and standardize musical education in India. Working with 150+ schools across India, Dharini strongly believes music helps children relieve stress and create well-balanced personalities.


Dharini Upadhyaya expresses her views on how music is just not a hobby but a career option, she says” James Taylor who was one of the greatest songwriters once said, “I believe that musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share our love and pain with others.”The above statement is a universal testament to the power of music that has the ability to penetrate in our soul and awaken our artistic senses. It is truly a rewarding venture that leaves an indelible mark in our lives. It unfolds a world full of endless possibilities that plays a pivotal role in shaping our perspectives towards the larger world. Such a timeless art cannot be pursued as a mere distraction from our everyday lives, but serves a greater purpose that moulds our intellectual faculties and drives us to new and greater heights. It is true that our passion for music is what fuels our drive, but when we look beyond the scope of recreation, music serves a greater purpose which can only be realised when one fully immerses themselves in the pursuit of following their musical aspirations”.


“Music is a diverse industry that welcomes every passionate dreamer with open arms. Whether your aspiration is to lead a world-class orchestra or divulge into the art of musical compositions, the music industry provides every skilled artist with an opportunity to embark on a rewarding career by bringing their dreams and aspirations to life. Over the years multiple avenues have unfurled in the field of Music, that provide musicians with a steadfast career. From emerging into a performance artist to a music educator, the world of music is replete with endless opportunities that subscribe to an individual’s personal inclinations and endow them with the privilege to build a career and secure a strong foundation in the sphere of music”.


She also added “As they navigate through a broad spectrum of opportunities, here are a few specialised options that music has to offer. A career in music can be pursued in the domain of music therapy, composing and songwriting, music critiquing and journalism, directing, editing and producing in the realm of media, taking up the role of a music educator within the public or private sector, and finally the gift of performing as an artist. These diversified opportunities cannot be limited to a means of recreation. It encompasses our innermost joys and pleasures by giving us a glimpse of the various career alternatives that hold a promising future. Various music educators have taken the onus upon themselves to create awareness about the true potential of music that serves a myriad of purposes. Furtados School of Music is one such venture that has secured a premise for organized music education and endeavors to pass the baton of spreading the joy of music to the rest of the world. It is true that we have a long way to go when it comes to laying the foundation of a career in the music industry. However, if there comes a time when we successfully manage to manifest our musical aspirations, we believe that it will usher an unrivaled sense of solace and enthusiasm in our lives”.