MyGate Partners With Metalstreet to Bring Better Hygiene Practices to High Footfall Establishments

New Delhi: To promote hygiene at locations that witness significant footfall, such as hospitals, gated communities, offices, malls and industries, MyGate has collaborated with Metalstreet to introduce the Hygiene Walkway, a low-cost disinfection tunnel that sanitizes people at entry points of these premises. The product has already been installed at key locations across Bengaluru, including the entrance to a large hospital, a police station and is currently being installed at a large gated community.

Some of the benefits of Hygiene Walkway are:

1. Complements all other hygiene practices being employed at the premises;

2. Uses an organic and anti-microbial solution to eliminate germs and viruses at the gate itself

4. Around 240 people can pass through the Walkway in an hour, thereby eliminating congestion at the gate;

5. Fully automated, requiring no additional manpower to manage or operate;

6. Integrated with infrared thermometers for automatic detection of body temperature

Supporting quotes:

Vijay Arisetty, CEO & Co-Founder, MyGate:

“As restrictions ease, all spaces with high footfall will have a new task – ensuring hygiene of all those who enter. Products such as the Hygiene Walkway will, therefore, be essential to maintaining high hygiene standards at all times without hampering movement at the gate. We are very happy to collaborate with Metalstreet on this initiative and believe it will go a long way toward ensuring public safety in the coming months.”

Shashank Ananth, Co-Founder, Metalstreet

“With hygiene and sanitization being the need of the hour, the Hygiene Walkway was conceptualized to provide quick and efficient sanitization while being easy and cost-effective to deploy. The walkway can also be customized to meet specific requirements of smaller facilities. And by collaborating with MyGate, we are looking to up the hygiene quotient significantly and contribute to India’s fight against COVID-19.”