ZOOM CEO Eric S Yuan to Share Insights and Suggestions on WEBINAR

Pune: As owners of businesses and leaders of the corporate world struggle with multi-dimensional challenges in the current COVID-19 crisis, four global leaders are coming together to share their thoughts and suggestions on how these trying times can be navigated, in an event hosted by Bassett Education India.

The Founder & CEO of Zoom Video Communications Mr. Eric S. Yuan; Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of Persistent Systems Dr. Anand Deshpande; CEO and Managing Director of Tata Technologies Mr. Warren Harris; and Chairman and CEO of Bassett & Bassett, Communication Managers and Counselors, Mr. Leland Bassett will be in conversation on a panel moderated by CEO of Bassett Education India Ms. Vidya Moorthy.

The online event, titled “Decoding Disruption” will be a free webinar broadcast live on Monday May 11 at 8:00 p.m. IST, 7:30 a.m. PDT and 10:30 a.m. EDT simultaneously in USA and India.

Speaking about this rare opportunity, Vidya Moorthy, CEO Bassett Education India said, “The personal and professional growth stories of these four global leaders are remarkable and compelling. Their leadership and experience have helped steer organizations for decades. At this time, as uncertainty looms around the world, we are delighted that they are willing to lend their voices to collectively seek strategies to cope, survive and grow.”

Mr. Eric S. Yuan’s company and product, Zoom, is helping millions of global citizens around the world ensure business continuity, continue the delivery of knowledge services as well as enable people to stay connected with their extended families. He is widely regarded for his stunning accomplishments and exceptional human qualities and is a named inventor in 11 issued and 20 pending patents in real time collaboration.

“We envision creating solutions for human connection and have always strived to provide the simplest and most effective tools towards this cause. I look forward to being a part of this conversation with other respected experts,” said Mr. Yuan.

Dr. Anand Deshpande Founded Persistent Systems in 1990 and is revered for his leadership. He is among the path-breaking technologists of our times with a relentless focus on helping companies and customers imbibe latest digital technologies and embark on a journey of digital innovation, growth and sustainability.

“It has always been my endeavor to empower individuals and organizations to continuously evolve and adapt to ensure sustainable excellence. Given the current climate, I am happy to contribute and share the platform with these other thought leaders,” said Dr. Deshpande.

Warren Harris has championed ownership, accountability and transparency as CEO of Tata Technologies. He is widely regarded as the doyen of manufacturing technology and with him at the helm, his company has become a leader of manufacturing innovation with the use of game-changing technologies.

Mr. Harris said, “While many of the happenings in our world today are out of our control, leaders through vision and action, can influence thought and work practices in their organizations. My co-panelists are renowned leaders and I look forward to participating in an engaging discussion with them.”

Mr. Leland Bassett is a pioneer of crisis communication and introduced America’s first Strategic Communication Management program at the university level in the 1970’s – a plan that helps organizations develop a cohesive and unified approach to communication. He is a visionary in adopting receiver-oriented messaging and communication effectiveness and has lent this expertise to several domains.

“This is a defining moment in history when people and organizations show who they really are, and the core values they do or do not have. Today’s global digital presence demands multi-cultural awareness and receiver-focused communication, which is the essence of this panel. It will be a robust conversation,” Mr. Bassett said.

The esteemed panelists will provide new ideas, opinions and advice on human aspects such as coping with anxiety and building hope. They will also shed light on how senior executives and corporate managers can manage teams and walk the tight rope with economic challenges on one hand and human lives and emotions on the other.

Apart from members of the corporate world, professors, students, teachers, members of special associations, bureaucrats and journalists will greatly benefit from the key takeaways in this session. After all, COVID-19 requires us to be more human-centric than ever before!