MyLogic Business Management School Conducts Webinars & Seminars on “Emerging Trend in Finance to be an Employable Workforce”

Bengaluru: MyLogic Business Management School conducts seminars/webinars via zoom with colleges across India to educate students on the pressing requisite to be employable. MyLogic recognizes the considerable requirement of an employable workforce in today’s job market. Consequently, it works towards equipping students with valuable knowledge about professional certifications like AI, CMA USA, CPA USA and so on. In the last month, MyLogic conducted webinars for students, soon to be India’s future workforce from esteemed colleges like – Ramaiah College of Arts Science and Commerce, Surana College, Vijaya College and many more.

MyLogic conducted webinars for students of Mount Carmel College, to share the need to add a professional certification in addition to a MBA degree to remain employable and relevant as we are at the brink of an Industrial Revolution. CA Vinod Chanran, Director and Founder of MyLogic shares his years of experience of being an integral part of the educational industry, giving the students a realistic view of what B-schools are missing out and that employers expect.

The webinar addresses the Disruption in Management Education; the challenges B-school face with the on-set of the Digital Revolution. The presenters speak about embracing the changes brought about by A – Artificial Revolution, I – Internet of Things (IoT), R – Robotics to increase employability factor among job seekers.

As per NASSCOM’s recent survey, a mere 7% employment rate in a sea of 5,500+ B-schools in India. This could be the result of B-schools not equipping students with an A-I-R outlook, enabling them to shift their thinking and apply their knowledge towards A-I-R solutions. For instance, CMA USA is a highly valued course in the finance sector that allows candidates to prepare for strategic roles that are beyond tasks that can be performed by AI. This course is offered by Institute of Management Accountant (IMA), it is globally recognized which increases job opportunities across borders and is relatively easy to pass. CMA USA can be pursued by anyone pursuing graduation or holding a graduation degree. It is also a popular course to redeem the career of many professionals who are victims of the flawed education system.

The webinar offers several opportunities to students to increase their employability by pursuing courses like CMA USA. AI, FRM etc. Through these webinars MyLogic endeavors to fill the gaps in the education system by edifying students with professional certifications and empowering them to realize their professional goals.