Nagoya University President Naoshi Sugiyama and Vietnam Deputy PM Collaborate on Legal HR Training

Nagoya University’s Graduate School of Law and Center for Asian Legal Exchange have a long history of cooperation with the government of Vietnam on legal human resources training. Over 20 staff from the Ministry of Justice are currently participating in Nagoya University’s master’s and doctoral courses. The Deputy Prime Minister himself is a graduate of the doctoral course at the Graduate School of Law.

The Deputy Prime Minister thanked Nagoya University for its contribution to legal education cooperation between the two countries, in particular the activities of the Center for Japanese Law Education and Research at Hanoi University of Law, which has been offering Hanoi University of Law students the opportunity to learn Japanese language and Japanese law for the past 14 years.

President Sugiyama thanked Deputy Prime Minister Long for his welcome, and reaffirmed Nagoya University’s commitment to strengthening cooperation with Hanoi University of Law. He further explained that he hopes that more Vietnamese students would participate in Nagoya University courses in the future, and that the Ministry of Justice will continue to focus on cooperation between Japan and Vietnam in the judicial and legal fields.