Nagoya University: Young Researchers and Speakers from UK, Taiwan Gather at T-GEx International Symposium

Visiting speakers were Dr. Y-Fang Tsay of the Institute for Molecular Biology, Academica Sinica, and Dr. Roger Goodman of the University of Oxford. T-GEx Fellow Dr. Matthew Paul Su, of the Nagoya University Institute for Advanced Research (IAR), then led a discussion between the visiting speakers and Nagoya University’s young researchers, focusing on the issues they face day to day and how to balance the need to publish with the desire to focus on quality research. Following the events in the auditorium, T-GEx and IAR researchers held a poster session to find out more about each other’s research and fields.

Since its founding in 2021, T-GEx has lent its support to researchers in diverse fields including deep space astronomy, clinical psychology, entomology, and nanomaterials. Nagoya University and its academic and industrial partners understand the importance of nurturing young talent to produce exceptional human resources with the strength to solve domestic and global challenges, and T-GEx and IAR represent two of many ways we endeavor to help early career researchers reach the next stage of their exciting journeys to the top of international scientific research.