National Level Telangana State’s Biggest Rural Technical Festival “Antahpragnya 2K18” to be held at RGUKT, Basar from March 20th to 22nd

Hyderabad: National Level Telangana State’s Biggest Rural Technical Festival titled “Antah Pragnya 2018” to be held at RGUKT(Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge and Technologies), the temple city of Basar, 180 kms from Hyderabad, the state capital of Telangana from March 20th to 22nd.

The theme of the three-day Rural Technical Festival is “Rural entrepreneurship, Women empowerment, Sustainable technologies”

Antahpragnya-2k18 comprises of technical, literary, entrepreneurial, fun, frolic and cultural events.

Robo War, Robo Race, Mouse Trap Race, Techies for Karshak, Eunoia, Maze Runner, Smart Irrigation,. Paper from Banana Stem, Hand Power Charger, Wireless Charger, Treadmill Bicycle, Smart Ambulance, Hearing Spects, Smart Tap, Mobile Microscope, Fake Ice Creation, Magical tree, Dancing Balls, Air Dr5one, Kaleshwaram, Polavaram Projects, Bluetooth Control Elevator, Solar Air Cooler, Stress Meter, Smart Cap, Voice Control Car, Smart Umbrella, Self Driving Plough are some of the highlights.

The highlights include Techies for Karshak, Eunoia, Youtuber’s Dairy, Advie and VR World.

Techies for Karshak 2k18 is a unique event aimed at improving agriculture and improving lives.  A farmer doesn’t just work till the sun down, but he works till our hunger calms down.  This event has created a path to deliver what we can do to the farmers at best. Under this activity, all the Technocrats will come out with their innovative thoughts on a technology that makes farming better in the form of working models and presentations. In this Techies for Karshak will come forward to help in two ways—Educating farmers through their presentations and 2. Develop projects to solve agricultural problems.

Eunoia–2k18 is an event of beautiful thinking for better India will be organized as part of the “Antahpragnya-2k18”.  This is open to Secondary and higher secondary schools from all district to participate and exhibit their working models. The main objective of “EUNOIA-2k18” is to get Innovative ideas in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and also to get solutions on current environmental and technological issues. The event encourages schools to explore their innovative ideas and also to create awareness.

The other open events include Centre of Gravity; Robo War, Coding Hub, Thrust, Rural Entrepreneur, Line Replica, Design-o-mania, Maze Runner, Case Studies, Assembly and Disassembly of IC Engine and others.

The Department events include Technical Quiz, Electrical Expo, Electro Vision, Circuit Technotricks, Dome Sweet Dome, Bridjoin, Robo Race, Mouse Trap Race, Machine and Fitting, Smart Village, Hack-A-Thon, Meta Quiz, Aquabotics, Colloquia, Electronics 360, Technical Seminars and others.

The Rural Technical Fest is unique.  Some of the best brainy students study in rural areas.  If they equal opportunities on par with their urban counterparts, they too can excel.  The contemporary History proved, and it is not an exaggeration.  We need to nurture these innovative brains by creating an ecosystem.  This platform can be used by them to apply technology to simple human tasks and create some of the finest and most eco-friendly products and equipment.

A total of 300 odd prototype working models created by 4000 rural ignited minds from the RGUKT varsity and outside are presented as part of the program, while 100 different colorful events will be organized. Nearly 25000 people from nearby places and other colleges are expected to witness the Three Day National Level Telangana’s Biggest Rural Technical Festival.

This is the fourth edition of Antahpragnya. The first edition of the program was held in 2015.

Students belonging to several reputed colleges belonging to Telangana will be taking part in the event.