National painter Bharati Shah showcases her latest work at Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Hyderabad the land of Nizams and all art-loving people were today privy to yet another showcasing of brush and paints, the paintings of SmtBharati Shah,

The creations of the self-made artist from Ahmadabad who has spent two decades in giving vision and shape to her thought waves and feelings are on display at the State Art Gallery of Hyderabad from March 13- March 17, 2020.

Padmasri K LaxmaGoud, eminent artist and Sri LaxmanAelay, eminent artist who presided over the inaugural event today at State Gallery of Fine Arts, KavuriHills.

Speaking on occasion Padmasri.K Lakshma Goud, Happy that Bharati Shah has successfully brought her collections signifiying that Hyderabad has earned niche place in art world. Her semi abstracts format also earned her a bench mark where she has given special focus on colours in cubic format .it is fascinating that colours have found its own depth of human density .

Urban touch , land scape with human figure and her choice of subjects all are enthralling and am also glad that the Telangana Government has opened up galleries to artists from all over country. I am also happy that Bharati Shah had ventured to display her art works inHyderabad ,a city known for its patronage of art and art collectors .

Smt.Bharati Shah artist said, The last couple of years I have felt that there is one more shade to my life. It is a wonderful experience discovering a new shade of me in myself. It surprises me and all around me. This is my Metamorphosis. The metamorphosis that I have translated into a canvas.

Prominent art collectors, artists and gallery managers of Hyderabad attended the event which has added another feather to already crowded hat of Hyderabad as a center of art and crafts.

Telangana state is a blessed land, thriving with vibrant arts and crafts scene. Each region has a unique story to tell. The patronage of kings and dynasties for several centuries led to a unique synthesis of various cultures, which is clearly visible in the development of a unique arts and crafts tradition in the state.

From Medieval to contemporary period arts, paintings, wood carvings, sculptures flourished in Hyderabad under the patronage of cultured Nizams, chieftains of culture, subedars, Art collectors like Salar Jung and Mittals. In the recent past Hyderabad has been attracting art exhibitions from talented and gifted artists. M F Hussain was one of them who added glitter to the garland of artists like K LaxmaGoud, Surya Prakash, P T Reddy and many others.

Hyderabad with a bouquet of art galleries has also been attracting popular and budding talents besides accomplished artists to show case their creations in the city of Nizams . BharatiShash is one such rare jewel who is the town to display her creations in a week-long exhibition.

The art scene has exploded in recent decades with galleries, art collectors, painters, corporate patrons, inviting national and international participants.