NEP 2020 is reflective of what was envisaged by former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan: HM Amit Shah


Union Home Minister, Amit Shah today said that the National Education Policy- 2020 is reflective of what was envisaged by former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on whose birth anniversary Teacher’s Day is celebrated in the country.

Mr. Shah while speaking after inaugurating the A. M. Naik Charitable Trust School in Powai in Mumbai said, if one goes through the compilation of Dr. Radhakrishnan’s speeches, it would become clear what Dr. Radhakrishna had envisaged how primary, medium and higher education should be and the same is reflected in the National Education Policy-2020.

He said, Dr. Radhakrishnan did not only embrace the basic values of the Indian Education but he spread these values across the world.

Shah said, it was during that time Dr. Radhakrishna had thought of having an education policy for the country. However, unfortunately many years have gone by in drafting the Education policy, he remarked. The Home Minister said, Dr. Radhakrishna was a great teacher, intellectual, humanist, spiritual and a visionary at the same time. He spent his life in explaining different facets of education.

Mr. Shah urged teachers present in the function to read about Dr. Radhakrishnan to know how an ideal teacher should be. By reading about Dr. Radhakrishnan it will help the students manifold and they will remain their teachers throughout their life. He said, the speeches of Dr. Radhakrishnan will help teachers in understanding their profession in a much better way and it will also greatly benefit the students.

Mr. Shah said, students come to teachers by having similar faith as he has in the almighty. It is therefore the duty of the teachers to ensure that students who come to them develops better thinking ability and contributes in the development of the country, Shah opined.

Shah said, NEP-2020 will not only make a student to take education for a job, but to bring out the best of talent hidden in a child.

Further he said that NEP-2020 will not only bring out the degree holders but individuals who would do good for the country and the world. It is not just a policy but a reflection of the aspirations of the people, Shah underlined.

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