New collaboration between Jönköping University and North Park University

Jönköping University Enterprise (JUE) and North Park University (NPU), Chicago, USA, have entered into a collaboration agreement regarding Pathway Programmes.

JUE will provide Pathway Programmes at Campus Gränna for prospective NPU students. The students will receive a conditional offer to NPU and upon successful completion of the programme, they will be admitted into a pre-selected programme at NPU.

“We at JUE are very proud of this agreement with North Park. This collaboration gives us a wonderful opportunity to develop the Pathway Programmes and expand our collaborations with a new, strong partner university”, says Jenny Dahlkild, Acting Managing Director at JUE.

“NPU and JU have been university partners, engaging in bilateral student exchanges for many years; this is a new extension of the rich partnership already in existence. JU is allowing NPU to utilize their English training resources for students who intend to matriculate to NPU to enroll in an academic program. This is a new and unique partnership where an international student will benefit from a third culture, well preparing them for the rich diversity that they will experience at NPU and in the city of Chicago”, says Michael Drake, Director of International Recruitment at NPU.

NPU was founded in 1891 and is located on Chicago’s north side and enrolls 3,200 students from around the world. The partnership between NPU and JU serves as a bridge for students failing to meet the minimum English proficiency requirement to gain full admission to degree programs offered at North Park University. NPU recruits academically qualified students from around the globe to enroll in its 50+ academic programs, however, NPU does not have an English as a Second Language program, and therefore is unable to enroll academically qualified students requiring additional English training.

In addition to the language training, international students are being trained to adjust to the differences in the pedagogy between their home country and Sweden followed by the USA. Sweden and the USA share similar pedagogical philosophies, consequently making the transition from the Pathway in Jonkoping to NPU smooth for the student. They will enter the academic programs at NPU with strong English skills and confidence in their academic abilities.