Prominent US chemists guest professors at Stockholm University

Paul Anastas and Robin D. Rogers are world-renowned for their work on developing eco-friendly chemicals. In 2019 and 2020, they hold guest professorships at the same department at Stockholm University. The two tenures highlight the university’s leading position in the field of green chemistry.

“Stockholm University has a reputation for world class research in chemistry. I believe the university and Sweden in general are in a unique position to become world leaders in redesigning chemicals in order to make them sustainable and produced from renewable sources.”

These are the words of Professor Paul Anastas, Director of the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale University. Paul Anastas is generally regarded as the Father of Green Chemistry; in the 1990s, he formulated guiding principles on how to evaluate and minimize the environmental impact of chemical processes.

For decades Paul Anastas was a high ranking official within the US federal environmental agency, EPA, and served as an advisor to several presidents, before Donald Trump.

“There is much talk about America first, I see it more as Earth first.”

Holder of the King Carl XVI Gustaf Professorship
During 2019 and 2020, Paul Anastas will be the holder of the King Carl XVI Gustaf Professorship in Environmental Science, hosted by the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry.

“I have already had very inspiring conversations with students and fellow researchers and I am looking forward developing those contacts further during my visits.”

During his tenure, starting this fall, he will – in addition to initiating new research networks – also reach out to decision-makers in industry and politics.

“We need basic research, but it is equally important that we also promote new sustainable discoveries and innovations in society.”