New Master’s Program at the Institute of Foreign Languages

The master’s program “Methods of teaching foreign languages ​​and intercultural communication” (correspondence course, duration of study – 2 years 3 months) is aimed at obtaining in-depth knowledge in the field of teaching methods of foreign languages ​​and intercultural communication.
Education in the magistracy is organized within the framework of the agreement on the network form of the implementation of the educational program jointly with the Syktyvkar State University. Pitirim Sorokin, in the course of training, distance educational technologies are widely used. The Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of PetrSU also participated in the development of a number of disciplines of the compulsory part of the curriculum.

Undergraduates master both a foreign language at a professional level (English) and a method of teaching a foreign language at an advanced level, which gives them the right to teach a foreign language in various educational institutions, including in the field of higher education.

The program also allows you to master competencies in the field of research for effective intercultural communication, to form socio-cultural and intercultural competence at a higher level.

How is the training going

Students master such disciplines as “Foreign language in professional activity”, “Management of intercultural projects”, “Academic and professional communication technologies”, “Intercultural communication in pedagogical activities”, “Innovative processes in education”, “Corpus technologists in teaching foreign languages “,” Linguistic aspects of teaching English “,” Workshop on achieving integrated results of foreign language education at an advanced level “,” Evolution of approaches and methods of foreign language education “, etc.

Students undergo educational familiarization practice, industrial pedagogical practice and pre-diploma practice, during which they are engaged in research work.

What diploma the student will receive: Master’s qualification (degree) in the direction 44.04.01 “Pedagogical education”, profile “Methods of teaching foreign languages ​​and intercultural communication”.

Graduates of the master’s program can realize themselves:

as a teacher in educational institutions of any level: schools, gymnasiums, linguistic centers, secondary specialized educational institutions;
as a teacher in higher educational institutions;
in the field of additional education as a teacher of the additional education system, organizer of foreign language training courses;
in the field of management – as a deputy director of an educational institution;
in the field of research activities, moving to the third level of higher education – in graduate school or continuing education abroad.
Further training

Graduates can continue their studies in postgraduate studies in the methodology of teaching a foreign language and pedagogy both in Russian and foreign universities.

Additional opportunities for the student

Master’s students participate in the conduct and organization of international projects implemented on the basis of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of PetrSU: the annual Summer Camp of Language and Culture in Russia and the USA (College of St. Scholastica, Duluth), the International Camp of Language and Culture in Russia and France (Lyceum of Jean Dautet, La Rochelle), educational and cultural events of the Goethe-Institute and the Institute for Intensive Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language of the Ruhr University (Bochum, Germany).

About entrance tests

Entrance tests for the master’s program for the program “Methods of teaching foreign languages ​​and intercultural communication” are carried out in the form of:

distance assessment of the content of an applicant’s essay on the topic “My vision of the most significant problems in the methodology of teaching foreign languages ​​and the ways of their solution proposed by me”;
oral interviews (in person or remotely) in a foreign language on issues of foreign language education of interest to the applicant.
You can learn more about the program of entrance examinations on the website.

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