NIIT University (NU) hosts the virtual book launch and discussion on ‘Serene Strength’

New Delhi: Established with a vision to bring about innovation in higher education and learning in emerging areas of the knowledge society, the not-for-profit NIIT University (NU), hosted the launch of the new book, ‘Serene Strength’. Authored by Arun Kapur, the book aims to study the role of education and importance of learning in a world characterized by constant change. A virtual discussion between Arun Kapur and the founder of NIIT University, Mr. Rajendra S. Pawar bought to light the essence of how education must focus on fostering people of substance who embody ‘Serene Strength’.

Arun Kapur is an educator in the global spheres of public and private education. He is the Founder and Chairman of Ritinjali, an NGO which was established in 1995 to catalyze community development among marginalized communities in India. Arun Kapur has previously authored the books Transforming Schools: Empowering Children (Sage Publications, 2007) and Leading Out: The True Purpose of Education (Ritinjali, 2011), which focus on his educational philosophy of holistic development. His latest book, Serene Strength (Ritinjali, 2020) explores the role of education in the making of a Person of substance tempered with Serene Strength.

‘Serene Strength’ is the culmination of a lifetime of thoughts, shedding light onto the constant change that surrounds us. The author, Arun Kapur postulates that education must focus on fostering people of substance who embody ‘Serene Strength’. He explores these concepts and illustrates their inextricable relationship to education. All proceeds of the book will go to Ritinjali, an NGO working towards development of holistic education.

Congratulating the author, Mr. Rajendra S. Pawar, Founder, NIIT University and Chairman, NIIT Group, says, Arun Kapur’s work is seminal. It changes our engrained perception of education and shows us the way to build a Person of Substance.

Arun Kapur, Director, The Royal Academy, Bhutan and the Chairman, Ritinjali says,” The book ‘Serene Strength is focussed on the future of education. It is only appropriate that we launched it at the University of the Future, NIIT University.”

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