NIT Rourkela organizes 8th National Conference on Wave Mechanics and Vibrations

Rourkela: In collaboration with Von Karman Society for Advanced Study & Research in Mathematical Sciences, Jalpaiguri eight National Conference on Wave Mechanics and Vibrations (WMVC-2018) organized at the Department of Mathematics of NIT Rourkela. Inaugurating the conference director of NIT Jamshedpur professor Karunesh Kumar Shukla said, ‘Vibration is the most desirable things in all structures. As an engineer, we design a system that has to be dynamic. While designing a system We need to know the natural frequency of the system that we are going to design. Here vibration required. In the case of the earthquake, we have not been able to protect our structures from an earthquake. It is difficult to predict the earthquake explicitly. The mathematician can only get the solutions. The challenge is to find out the analytical solutions for the real-life problem. control of vibration and getting its solution’ said, Prof. Shukla.
Gracing the event Director of NIT Rourkela Professor Animesh Biswas said, ‘Wave mechanics and Vibration principles are commonly encountered in various problems of aeronautical, civil, architectural, robotics, marine, mechanical, nuclear, biology, earthquake, tsunami and other areas of science and technology. I hope this conference will provide an opportunity for teachers, researchers and industry experts for sharing new ideas, experience, and progress’’ said the director. He wished all the success for the conference.
Executive Secretary of Von Karman Society, Jalpaiguri Dr. P. Biswas, President of Von Karman Society Prof. S.B. Karanjai, Dean of SRICCE Prof. A.K. Panda, Prof. D. Roy discussed the importance of wave mechanics and vibrations in research. Prof. K.C. Pati head of department spoke about the glorious history of the mathematics department of NIT Rourkela. Convenor of the conference professor Snehashish Chakrabarty said, ‘The aim of this important conference is to bring together leading researchers of wave mechanics and vibrations who use and develop new theories as well as computational and experimental techniques. We do believe that this cooperation will be a fruitful step in nurturing the minds of the experts and young ones in the said subject’ said prof. Chakrabarty. Prof. Snehashish Chakrabarty gave the welcome address and vote of thanks. Research fellows, faculty members of different universities have attended this conference. During this three days event, strong technical sessions will be organized .