Nohara India Launches Anti-Virus and Microbial Nano Glass Coating Technology from Japan

New Delhi: As the country is still reeling under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and trying to keep everyone safe, India seeks scientific technology to keep everyone around safe from the Corona Virus. The fear of contracting the Virus by touching infected surfaces is a challenge that constantly stays on the mind. From opening one’s own car, office or home door to furniture or kitchen surface or even mobiles and laptops, everyone comes in contact with hundreds of items in their daily lives. Losing lives every day and thousands still getting infected, India seeks to protect its citizens from infecting themselves via a touch of any infected surfaces. While the Government does its bit of sanitizing the communities and containment zones, individuals have to safeguard their surroundings by sanitizing surfaces around them. But, sanitizing frequently touched surfaces everyday can be a hard task and is practically infeasible.

Nohara India, the Indian arm of Nohara Japan (est. 1597) was quick to respond to this challenge by launching Dr HardoLass; a Japanese patented technology of Yamamoto Holding Co., Ltd. Dr HardoLass is a Nano coating which once applied to a hard surface, stays on it for up to 5 years. The coating comes in liquid form and is fairly easy to apply, by simply coating a surface using a cloth. Dr HardoLass has Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial properties, that allow regularly used items to be sanitized for five years after a one time coating. This Anti Dirt, Water repellent and Scratch resistant coat allows for protection of surfaces as well, Suppressing viral spread 24/7 for 5 years and its ultra strong resistance against continuous daily use friction with Ultra-hard coat. The product features outlined help elongate the life of the surface itself.

Transparent Nano coating
Lasts 24/7 up to five years
Anti Dirt
Water repellent
Scratch resistant

Nohara’s COO of Overseas Business PEK SOON HUAT said, “As an inclusive community, we have to consistently facilitate the use of the latest technology and innovations for the larger good of the global citizens. India and Japan share a rich history of transactions, be it cultural or economic. India and Japan share trade pacts and the governments of India and Japan consistently work together to ensure betterment of lives in both countries. We are happy to bring this Nano technology- Dr HardoLass to India to be used to lower the growing impact of the ongoing Pandemic.”

Nohara believes that an individual needs to have tools and technology in his hand to be able to keep oneself and loved ones safe using the proven and tested use of the latest in technology. Dr HardoLass has been tested and approved by SIAA of Japan for anti-virus performance, and SIAA of Japan for anti-bacterial performance. The mechanism involves application, cross linking and integration, and is defined as below:

The components stick to the surface by rubbing the coating agent against it.

Moisture in the air reacts with the Nano-glass component, which creates a chemical bond. The bond allows the Nano-glass components to connect to each other, which forms into a Nano-glass layer.

Antibacterial/antiviral components integrate into the chemical bond of the Nano-glass component.

Dr HardoLass is a tested Nano technology product and its certifications are listed as below:
Skin Sensitization Local Lymph Node assay test result
SIAA Certificate of Kokin
Anti mould test report
Anti Microbial activity test result
Antiviral activity test result
SIAA Certificate of Antivirality SIAA
Accelerated Weathering test result

Pawan Mehra, the Country Head for Nohara India added, “Dr HardoLass is a proven and tested technology and is aimed to safeguard people against direct contact infection. Applying this Nano coating allows for a permanent 5-year solution to safeguard surfaces we touch from the impact of the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic. It also helps increase longevity of surfaces with its inbuilt qualities of being Anti Dirt, Water repellent and Scratch resistant. It’s being used by Multi-National companies like Docomo, Sharp, Mitsubishi Electric, Asahi, Coca Cola etc. in Japan. Bringing this technology to India allows us to safeguard homes, offices and public place surfaces to repel and kill the Virus, thus making lives safer around us. The suitability of use of Dr HardoLass ensures it can be used on a wide range of hard surfaces like steel, wood, plastic, all painted surfaces. It can be applied on frequently touched surfaces like door handle, electrical switches, elevator surfaces and its buttons, glass, furniture, cars, office furniture, lobbies of the hotels, hospitals, furniture in schools, playing equipment, restaurant furniture and more.”