Now online applications for project’s registration will be submitted in RERA

Bhopal: In view of the corona pandemic, promoters are required to submit applications through RERA web application for registration of project with Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). For scrutiny by the RERA, promoters are required to submit hard copies of only 5 necessary documents. The remaining documents will be submitted online only.

Promoters are required to submit hard copies of 5 documents along with the application i.e. certified photo copy of Khasra (Form B 1), original affidavit for new project and original affidavit cum declaration (Form B) or any other affidavit required with application. Along with this, they are required to submit only A 3 size lay out plan approved by the Town and Country Planning and document of building plan certified by the competent authority. Submission of hard copies of any other documents with the authority is not necessary for the promoters. Only online documents are sufficient for the promoters.