Nutanix invests in the next generation of innovators with the Junior Nutant Program for Students

New Delhi: Nutanix has launched the Junior Nutant Program in India, to mentor students from Standards 8, 9 and 10. The program aims to provide students with industry exposure and guidance so they can confidently chart their own paths to success. By pairing one mentee with at least two Nutanix employees (aka Nutants), the program gives participants access to multiple perspectives and direction from subject matter experts as they explore a topic of their choice. These topics range from robotics and coding to entrepreneurship and music.

Currently in its pilot stage, the Junior Nutant Program has paired 23 students from the Nirmaan Organization and Christel House with close to 50 Nutanix employees, all of whom have connected virtually through collaborative platforms. Nutanix envisions the program expanding to reach a larger number of students and employees in subsequent iterations.

Nutanix believes this a crucial time for tech firms to give back to their communities through mentorship and knowledge-sharing. With multiple industries undergoing transformation, the next generation of innovators, artists and thinkers need encouragement and as many opportunities as organizations can provide. Additionally, due to the structure of the program, this is another opportunity for Nutanix employees to connect with each other beyond work and engage with the larger community, at a time when the organization is working remotely.

“The Junior Nutant Program reinforces our priority of identifying and mentoring young minds to bring innovative ideas to the market. This model of free-flowing discussion aims to provide guidance to students when they are beginning to choose subjects for their future career paths. Mentors give students a perspective outside of the traditional education system and offer a glimpse of what things are like in the real world.”
– Sankalp Saxena, SVP and MD-Operations, India, Nutanix


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