Oakridge International School hosts OakJMUN 2017, South India’s largest middle school Model United Nations

Bangalore: Oakridge International School hosted OakJMUN a Junior Model United Nations (MUN). It is a platform for students from grades 6 to 8, to engage in substantive debate through a simulation of the United Nations session. The theme of the conference was ‘Fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals’. OakJMUN gives students a chance to represent as a Global Citizen and come up with solutions to ever-widening issues. It also creates an opportunity to make a difference in the world. A conference that gives a view into politics and current affairs that dominate foreign policy and global decision-making. Around 200 delegates and 8 schools participated in this event. Oakridge International School believes in creating a Global Leaders by giving its students an opportunity to participating in such leadership programs.

Mr Nirav Rawell, Director Oakridge International School, Bangalore said, “The Bangalore JMUN organized by us is unique because unlike other MUNs which are for children in Grade 9 and above, the delegates in the JMUN are from middle school. It gives them a learning experience to test and develop their Public Speaking, Negotiation and Collaborative skills”

5 committees represented the JMUN. Each committee had a separate agendas.

1. DISEC: Global Co-operation in regard to Nuclear Proliferation:

2. ECOSOC: Unsustainable Consumption of Non Renewable Resources:

3. UNHRC: Role of Education in Combating Exploitation:

4. UNSC Agenda: The Threat Posed By The Korean Crisis:

5. WHO Agenda: Implications of a Potential Water Crisis