OMTV raises ₹ 4 Million in seed funding, to scale production of original content


Mumbai : OMTV, the only OTT network to showcase content pertaining to Indian Sanatan culture, today announced that it has secured funding of Rs 4 million. The company shared that it will be using this funding to cover its current operational cost and ramp up the production of original content.

Raj Kumar Jalan and Subhash Jalan led the funding. Raj Kumar Jalan is an IIT alumnus and has been working in Silicon Valley for the last three decades. Raj is a serial investor and invested in a lot of start-ups. He has served as the CTO of A10 most recently (a listed company on the New York Exchange) and played a fundamental role in the company’s growth trajectory. Subhash Jalan is currently settled in Bahrain and has over 15 years of experience in the investment banking domain. Over the years, he has invested in/structured and monitored a private equity portfolio with total assets under management exceeding $5 Billion.

Expressing his delight, Nitin Jai Shukla, Founder of OMTV, says, “We’re a group of passionate people who wanted to offer content close to our cultural roots. Our motto is “Gyan bhi, Garv bhi” and through our OTT platform, we are showcasing stories that either evoke pride or learn something new. Partnering with Raj Kumar Jalan and Subhash Jalan puts us in a strong position and will enable us to make more interesting stories and connect with a larger viewer base.I thank for the confidence that they have shown in the concept.i have a go ahead from them on their participation in the next round of funding.

“Sanatan Dharma is the richest, culturally most diverse, colorful religious tradition. A vast rainbow for every facet of life. A celebration of life in every way. We need an app like OMTV to tell the stories to the widest range of audience to create a renaissance, a new sense of awareness, awe and pride for the most beautiful, meaningful religious cultural heritage. Living in America for so many years our 2nd generation American-Indians should be aware of their culture and roots and OMTV promised to deliver just that. I wish all the best to Nitin and his team for the amazing job that they are doing for sanatan culture,” said Raj Kumar Jalan.

Subhash Jalan further added, “Our investment in OMTV is predicated on the thesis that OMTV will be the game changer..i.e, it truly heralds a positive change in the way in which viewers will want to absorb, acquire and nurture knowledge of our Sanatan Dharm. The way we see it is that the current landscape of electronic content is minuscule compared to the endless, limitless and huge knowledge base embedded in the Gita, upanishads and the vedas in particular and also that in our heritage. All that needs to come out and be available to the man on the street in a readily available medium of OTT that is now expected to be the order of the day.There is a lot of pure entertainment content out there, but OMTV will be the first platform that would combine knowledge, wisdom, values and morals with entertainment. We are very excited and look forward to OMTV scaling heights in the years to come.”

OMTV was launched during the pandemic and strives to be synonymous with quality content related to Indian culture. The app is available on both Android and iOS and is based on subscription video on demand. OMTV has been associated with short video apps Chingari and Josh and has clocked 100 million+ views and one lakh followers on these apps. It has also collaborated with Magic Box Animation Studios, one of the country’s biggest animation content providers.

The content that one will see on OMTV will either enhance your knowledge base (Gyan) or make you feel proud (Garv) about your culture and therefore reinforce the Indian value system. Over time, OMTV intends to be the aggregator of the content that deals with Indian Sanatan culture. It features a range of content from mythology, history, education, and similar genres.

Post this funding, OMTV is also looking to produce a lot of original content. There is great demand for content that can inform and educate people about the correct values through entertainment. Storytelling is a powerful medium and the best way to communicate, transfer and impart knowledge. All the shows on OMTV will reflect compelling Indian stories and showcase the rich Indian culture.