On the 45th anniversary of the presentation of D. Ikeda the diploma of Honorary Doctor of Moscow University

On May 27, 1975, at the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, the ceremony of awarding the diploma of the Honorary Doctor of Moscow University to the founder of Soka University Daisak Ikeda was held. Immediately after the ceremony at the Moscow State University’s Palace of Culture, the Japanese humanist, enlightener, public and religious activist delivered a solemn speech and lecture on the topic “A New Way of Cultural Exchange between East and West”.

In a speech to students and faculty of Moscow State University, D. Ikeda shared his thoughts on the possibilities of strengthening peace and friendship between peoples, reducing confrontation during the Cold War, spoke about the role of culture and higher education in establishing good neighborly relations between countries and peoples. In his speech, a Japanese public figure expressed his conviction that the deep philanthropy of Russian culture will undoubtedly contribute to the unity of mankind, stimulate cultural exchanges, and smooth out the potential for conflict. Speaking about the historical precedents of effective cultural and technological exchanges between different civilizations, D. Ikeda gave an example of the Great Silk Road, which served as a bridge between East and West, noted

At the end of his speech, a Japanese public figure promised that he would make every effort to expand cultural ties at the level of public diplomacy, assured listeners that he would sincerely work and travel around the world in the name of peace on earth. This thesis was greeted by the audience with prolonged applause, and the lecture itself left a vivid impression in the hearts of the audience.

The visit of Mr. D. Iked to Moscow University became a sign of special respect for his merits in the development of higher education, international cooperation of universities, recognition of the potential founded at the initiative of D. Iked at Sok Private University. The collaboration between Sok University and Moscow University, established over 40 years ago, has been successfully continued to date. More than 5 thousand people took part in the student exchange program alone, who contributed to strengthening friendship between Russia and Japan. Cultural, scientific and educational ties are being developed with Russian partners of cultural and scientific institutions founded at the initiative of D. Ikeda, such as the Min-On Concert Association, Tokyo Fuji Museum of Fine Arts, and the Institute of Oriental Philosophy.

D. Ikeda repeatedly visited Russia and Moscow State University. He began his first visit to the USSR in 1974 with a visit to Moscow State University at the invitation of Rector R.V. Khokhlova. The guests presented to the library of the oldest Russian university 3,000 volumes on philosophy, history, economics, literature, linguistics and religion of Japan. In the 1980s a series of meetings of D. Ikeda with the rector of Moscow State University A.A. Logunov. The dialogue between them was published in the book “The Third Rainbow Bridge” (1988) – on the agenda were issues of preventing a nuclear war and preserving civilization. In 2012, the collection Science and Religion. Dialogues ”containing all the conversations of a nuclear physicist and a Buddhist philosopher.

Warm relations for many years connect D. Ikeda with the rector of Moscow University V.A. Gardener. Together they wrote the monograph “At the Turn of the Century. Dialogues on education and upbringing ”(2004) and“ At the Turn of the Century. Talk about the main thing ”(2013), the subject of dialogues in which are the eternal categories of“ wisdom ”,“ freedom ”,“ tradition ”,“ school ”.

In 2002, Mr. Daisak Ikeda was also awarded the title of Honorary Professor of Moscow University.

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