“Onega landing” helps social institutions and pensioners of Karelia

This year, over 120 students from different regions are participating in the action. It takes place in nine districts of Karelia.
Participants of the “Onega landing” help the elderly and social institutions with household chores, organize outdoor activities for local residents.

“Onega landing” is a variant of the all-Russian action “Snow landing”, in the framework of which young people undergo social and labor adaptation and gain experience in volunteering.

On the territory of Karelia, the action has been carried out since 2017, during which time eight detachments of the Onega landing force have been formed.

Every year the number of those wishing to participate in the action is growing. A record number of applications was submitted this year – 257 applications.

43 students of PetrSU from IFKSiT, IF, IMIT, IIPSN, IPP, IIIA ILGISN, IBEAT, Medin, FTI are taking part in the action. These are eight detachments: Husky OOD, Lynx OOD, Ledovityy OOD, Prometey OOD, Zeleny Luch OOD, Udarnik OOD, Origami OOD, Med medical unit.

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