Online talk series on ‘Foreign Language Learning’


Aligarh : Resource persons articulately spelt out the benefits of acquiring new languages in the increasingly interdependent and hyper-connected world.

The deliberations were made in a three-day online talk series on ‘Foreign Language Learning: New Approaches and Dimensions’ of the Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of International Studies, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

“A language is a passport to the world of accumulated knowledge of a community; a key to understand a different society; a lens with which to view the culture and history of a group of people”, said USA based Prof Vridhagiri Ganeshan (Former Vice-Chancellor, CIEFL-now EFLU, Hyderabad).

He added: As economies around the world become increasingly international, demand for languages continues to grow. The significance of foreign language skills for students cannot be undervalued.

Prof Jawaid Iqbal (Dean, Faculty of International Studies and Chairperson of Department of Foreign Languages) delivered the inaugural and presidential addresses.

He remarked: “Learning foreign languages is the answer to stepping up your career graph—as the global economy is shifting from the English speaking world and use of diverse foreign languages on the Internet is changing global communication. Social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Google are allowing users to correspond through various languages”.

Prof Mohd Azhar (Department of West-Asian Studies) stressed, “It goes without saying that knowledge of foreign languages lessens intercultural gaps. One can easily see that interpreters are hired in large numbers as economies nowadays work with foreign markets and their know-how helps in facilitating necessary things”.

“One’s ability to speak multiple languages other than English is a precious tool and skill for new age employers. It is high time for students across the country to prioritise learning foreign languages in order to advance their careers”, said Prof Rakshanda F Fazli (Department of West-Asian Studies) in the valedictory address.

Faculty members Dr Murad Ahamad Khan, Dr Sawan Kumar Singh, Dr Ahsan Ahmad delivered the welcome addresses in different sessions.

Dr Subair PM and Dr Shiv Prakash Yadav were the programme conveners and Syed Salman Abbas gave the opening remarks.

Piyush, Mantasha Israil and Mohd Adnan Ahmad extended the vote of thanks.



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