Part of the Konemiehentie will be closed – traffic arrangements are changing

Konemiehentie will be closed between Puumiehenkuja – Sähkömiehentie from the end of January. First, the ST1 site will be demolished from the beginning of Sähkömiehentie and the previously closed access will be restored. For the time being, one lane will remain free on Sähkömiehentie.

The route from Ring Road I to Sähkömiehentie and, for example, to Terveystalo will be Konemiehentie – Puumiehenkuja – Otakaari – Sähkömiehentie.

HSY’s water supply renovation is being carried out in the area, with Terrawise Oy as the contractor. The works will be located at Konemiehentie, Sähkömiehentie, the courtyard of the K-block and undercuts through Otakaari. According to a preliminary estimate, the construction works will end in August 2021.

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