Participation in the scientific forum on the history of literature and literary criticism

Associate Professor of the Department of Germanic Philology and Scandinavian Studies E.A. Safron took part in the work of the scientific forum “History of Literature and the History of Literary Studies: Names, Schools, Concepts, Loci” “.
The conference was organized by the Institute of Philology and Journalism of the N.N. N.I. Lobachevsky. The event took place in full-time and online formats and brought together literary scholars from different cities of Russia, Germany and China.

E. A. Safron presented a report on the poetics of A. Green’s mystical story “The Pied Piper”: she spoke about the connection of the text with the biography of the writer, about the image of Petrograd, captured on the pages of the work. The work is directly related to the topic of E.A. Safron’s doctoral dissertation, dedicated to domestic urban fantasy.

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