“Peace is Green”: Principals from India’s top schools host the world’s largest and longest environment online event


On 21st September, the auspicious occasion of World Peace Day, which also coincides with ENO (Environment Online) Global Tree Planting Day, ENO India, and ACT NOW conducted World’s Largest and Longest environment online event “Peace Is Green”. The 24 hours long symposium that lasted from 21st September (12:00 hrs IST) to 22nd September (12:00 hrs IST) brought together the stakeholders of environment conservation from over 100 countries across the world.

The event was hosted by Mrs. Alka Kapur (CBSE Teachers Award 2019, Principal, Modern Public School), Jay Kay Singh (Founder Principal, Brookfield International School, Chandigarh, and Act Now India), Rajiv K Shrivastava (Environment Online India, Act Now India), and Dr. C.B. Mishra, (Director Principal, Prudence Group of Schools, Ashok Vihar, Delhi) attended the event as the guest of honor, along with other educational luminaries. Nature lovers from over 115 countries – including UN Environment Program Coordinator, Switzerland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Finland, President of Finland, Miss Earth India 2018, Miss India Earth 2011, Miss Earth 2010, and Miss Teen International 2019 among others.

The mammoth online event explored several themes like I want my forest to grow – I want to Act Now, The sky is in the blues – give it back its hues, Act Now, Our lungs are full with air of doubt – take it out, Act Now, Every drop counts, Act now, Fire in our hearts – not in our forests, Act Now!

Several activities were organized for the students and other participants as well during the event. They included Song Writing/Singing, Poster Making, Video Making, Dancing, Mime, Fancy Dress Competition, Skit/Play, and Slogan Making among others.

“Modern Public School has always taken a proactive approach towards matters concerning the environment, and I consider it an honor and a privilege that I was asked to host such a prestigious event that brought the stakeholders of environment conservation all across the world under one umbrella. We had some great exchange of ideas and we discussed at length about sustainability as the right, and perhaps the only way for us to move forward. This project is especially close to my heart because I have been working for Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations for the past 3 years. By partaking in events like these, I hope to inspire and encourage my young students to take up the cause of environment conservation and create a better, cleaner, greener world,” said Mrs. Alka Kapur, Principal, Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.

Addressing the importance of sustainability and conscious effort towards preserving the environment, Jay Kay Singh, Founder Principal, Brookfield International School, Act Now India, said, “We have arrived at a stage where we need to take an active part in the efforts directed towards conserving the environment. If we do not act in time, we’ll go past the point of no return and then the damage that has been done to Mother Earth would become irreversible. Sustainable development means economic, social, and cultural well-being for today and tomorrow. If we keep exhausting our limited resources, we’ll end up creating a world devoid of beauty and bountifulness – certainly, we do not want to leave behind a world like that for our future generations. This is why events like this are important.”

“It is the need of the hour that the people who are concerned about the deterioration of the environment come forward and rally for a positive change. By connecting stakeholders of environment conservation from all around the globe, we can certainly begin to make a collective change that would prevent the overexploitation of the environment and give nature the time it needs to heal itself,” concurred Dr. C.B. Mishra, Director Principal, Prudence Group of Schools, Ashok Vihar, Delhi.


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