Pearl Academy Forays into Journalism with School of Media and Journalism


New Delhi: Pearl Academy, India’s leading institution in design, fashion, creative businesses and media hosted a panel discussion with eminent journalists for the launch of its new School of Media and Journalism in New Delhi. Pearl Academy wants to revamp the way journalists are trained in India. They did it successfully with luxury brands, then with fashion communication and nowthey are foraying into the way journalism is taught and wants to make students ready for tomorrow.

As a part of this digital launch, eminent personalities like Shubho Sengupta, Brand Consultant, Anirban Roy, Digital & Social Media Jockey, ex journalist at Network 18 and WSJ India, Ruhail Amin, Editorial lead Business World and Exchange4media, Sahil Mohan Gupta, Editor-in-Chief,Gizmodo, PCMag India and TechSpot India and Taruni Kumar, Associate Editor, The Quint, came together at Pearl Academy’s New Delhi campus for a panel discussion that was not only webcasted on their website but also streamed live on FaceBook and Twitter thus reaching thousands of online viewers interested in Journalism and Media.

The panel deliberated on the issues concerning new age journalism, amalgamation of mediums and concerns of an age where ‘too much information’ is created and spread thus making authenticity a concern. During the discussion, topics like skill set of future journalists, how important is Social Media in today’s journalism world and how social media has affected journalism were talked about and concerns by budding journalists were addressed.

Talking about journalism,Taruni Kumar, from Quint, said, “You need to put yourself out there, if you want to become a great journalist and if one aspires to be a journalist in the digitised world, you will have to offer a ‘news plus’ to your readers.”

The event was an eye opener for all the students who aspire to become a journalist one day and even for those who had just stepped up the game.

With the future of journalism making a paradigmatic shift towards digital, Sahil Mohan Gupta, spearheading ventures like Gizmodo and PCMag explained how ‘wearing many hats’ is inevitable. Right from a basic know how of technology to gathering good content to thinking about the market sentiment, an evolved journalist today needs to be ready for the multi-faceted role that the industry now has to offer. In accordance with this sentiment, Ruhail Amin, from Business World said that, “A basic know-how of tech would help the future journalist to cut down turnaround time of publishing content.”

“At Pearl Academy, we believe that one must stay updated and at par with the way the world of journalism is evolving. Journalists are the ones who keep us connected to this world and are the poignant source of information. We are happy to announce that our School of Media and Journalism will take a step towards bringing a new generation of ethical journalists who can wear many hats and serve the industry” said Prof. Nandita Abraham, CEO, Pearl Academy.

The event saw curious aspiring kids, parents and online viewers put forth their queries which were addressed by the distinguished panel.