Peking University alumnus Yun Zhiwei becomes Simons Investigator

Peking : Winning the gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad at the age of 18, going on to study mathematics at Peking University in 2000, further receiving PhD at Princeton University in 2009 and becoming a tenured professor of MIT in 2018, Yun Zhiwei is definitely an iconic figure of PKU School of Mathematical Sciences.

By the age of 38, Yun has already received four important international awards. In 2012, he received the SASTRA Ramanujan Award for his contributions to the representation theory, algebraic geometry and number theory; in 2017, he was awarded the 2018 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize as a professor at Yale University; in 2018, he was invited to speak at the International Congress of Mathematicians.

Recently, Yun was named one of 2020 Simons Investigators by the Simons Foundation. Co-founded by Jim and Marilyn Simons with the purpose of supporting and advancing research in mathematics and other basic sciences, the Simons Foundation from the year 2012 chooses three to four mathematicians every year to become Simons Investigators. This year, 15 scholars are chosen to become Simons Investigators, among which Yun is the only Chinese national.