Peking University Chen Zheng receives 2020 Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award

Peking: The Combustion Institute and Elsevier, with the assistance of an award committee, have selected two members to receive the annual Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award. Dr. Chen Zheng from the College of Engineering, Peking University is one of the two recipients this year. He is recognized for significant contributions and research in fundamental or applied combustion or combustion-related fields.

His research interests are in the areas of flame dynamics, propulsion systems, alternative fuels, and multi-scale modeling of reactive flow. Combining theoretical analysis, numerical simulation, and experiment measurement, Dr. Chen’s group has worked on challenging problems on ignition, accurate laminar flame speed measurement, fast flame propagation in autoignitive mixtures, deflagration-to-detonation transition, and detonation engines.

“It is a great honor for me to receive the 2020 Hiroshi Tsuji award. This is a recognition of the work done not only by myself but also by my group and collaborators. I am thankful to my advisor, Professor Ju Yiguang, for introducing me to this fascinating area of combustion and for his continuous support. I am also thankful to my group at Peking University and I feel lucky to work on combustion together with these intelligent and diligent students. I thank my family, my colleagues and friends in the combustion community, and the Chinese Section of the Combustion Institute for helping and supporting me,” said Dr. Chen.

Co-sponsored by The Combustion Institute and Elsevier, the international award recognizes up to two early career researchers who have demonstrated excellence in fundamental or applied combustion science and have achieved a significant advancement in their field within four to ten years of completing a doctoral degree or equivalents. The annual award is named after Professor Hiroshi Tsuji, whose stable porous cylinder counterflow burner configuration has influenced fundamental studies and applications in laminar and turbulent combustion.

“We are excited to once again present the annual Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award to two exceptional early career researchers,” said The Combustion Institute President James F. Driscoll. “Each year, the committee’s decision is met with increasing difficulty as the pool of truly remarkable nominees expands. The recipients and nominees for this honorable award stand as proof that the future of combustion science is in excellent hands.”

“Elsevier is proud to present the Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award in partnership with The Combustion Institute for the fifth consecutive year,” said Kathleen Ahamed-Broadhurst, executive publisher of Elsevier. “Thank you to the Award committee for their hard work in selecting two deserving early career researchers.”

Dr. Chen will be recognized for receiving the Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award during the 38th International Symposium on Combustion in Adelaide, Australia, to be held in January 2021.