Peking University international students and experts celebrate Lantern Festival

Peking : On February 26, Peking University held the International Students and Foreign Experts Lantern Festival Get-together at Zhongguanyuan Global Village. Co-organized by the International Students Division of PKU Office of International Relations and the management of Zhongguanyuan Global Village, the event brought about familial warmth for international students and foreign experts.

Nearly 30 students and experts from 15 countries and regions participated in the event, enjoying  traditional activities such as rolling and eating glutinous rice balls, making lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, wearing traditional Chinese clothing Hanfu and tasting eight-set Beijing style pastry.

The hosts, Anzelika Smirnova from Latvia (left) and Joseph Olivier Mendoo from Cameroon (right), explain the origins and traditional customs of Lantern Festival

Making glutinous rice balls


Professor Graham from the United States and his wife Aera from South Korea make two traditional lanterns together


Guessing lantern riddles

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