PETA Affiliate Award for Students With Animal-Saving Ideas Announced Ahead of ‘World Youth Skills Day’

Students Have a Chance to Win Over Rs 7 Lakhs in the PETA US ‘Future Without Speciesism’ Competition


Mumbai: Just as cars have replaced horse carriages and phones have replaced carrier pigeons, mushroom leather is taking the place of cows’ skins – so PETA India’s US affiliate is searching for the next great animal-friendly innovations. The group’s Future Without Speciesism Award, open to all university students, is being announced in India just in time for the United Nations’ World Youth Skills Day (15 July), and the winning submissions could receive up to US$10,000 (approximately Rs 7,48,100).

Applicants need to identify a way in which animals are still being exploited and come up with a marketable animal-free replacement. PETA US previously awarded students for creating a state-of-the-art “organ-on-a-chip” that could prevent countless animals from being used in painful experiments and then killed.

“If you’re a student with a concept that would revolutionise an animal-abusing practice or industry, we’re eager to hear from you,” says Puja Mahajan, associate director of education and youth outreach for PETA India. “Our affiliate is banking on – and will help bankroll – bright young people’s ideas for stopping animals from becoming pizzas, parkas, pack mules, or anything else that denies them their right to be themselves.”

This award does not convey ownership rights to any PETA affiliate or prevent applicants from patenting their inventions. Students can work in teams or individually.

Prize amounts of between US$1,000 (approximately Rs 74,810) and US$10,000 (approximately Rs 7,48,100) will be determined by PETA US based on the workability, practicality, and promise of the submissions. For more information and to apply, please click here.: