PetrSU employees at ITMO.OPEN: Educational Practices

In St. Petersburg, at ITMO University, on May 24 and 25, a two-day intensive in the field of educational trends and technologies was held.
During a two-day full-time intensive for employees of Russian universities, the issue of the transformation of modern education was discussed: educational trends and technologies, new tools and ideas, and the design of educational programs.

Deputy of Petrozavodsk University took part in the event. N. S. Skorikova, director of the Physico-Technical Institute for educational work; and A. V. Fetisova, director of the Resource Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity of Students.

The program of the event consisted of general and thematic sessions, as well as a series of master classes. On the first day, an acquaintance with ITMO University’s approach to the design of educational programs took place with the participation of the head of the Department for the design and implementation of educational programs, Y. Vasilyeva, as well as the heads of a number of educational programs.

The staff of ITMO University also shared their experience in developing an educational standard (the session was led by O. Eliseeva, Head of the Quality Department of the Educational Process) and the positioning of the university in rankings (data was presented by I. Kuftyrev, Director of the Center for Rating Research). The first day of the event ended with the discussions of the audience together with the deputy. Head of the department of image events A. Gostev about whether there is a place for creativity on the online platforms of the university when building communication at the session “Promotion of the university – where and how to communicate with the target audience.”

The second day began with a master class “How to pack an educational product”, which was conducted for the event participants by A. Gupaisova (Deputy Head of the Department for Strategic Communications) and D. Denisova (Director of the Center for Scientific Communication). Together with the audience, they discussed the issues of adapting educational products to the needs of the market without compromising quality and how to talk about their educational product. Yury Vasilyeva and Y. Raskin (Head of the Department of Youth Policy) discussed with representatives of universities the system of building individual educational trajectories through the experience of ITMO University.

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