The working season of student teams of the Republic of Karelia has started!

Traditionally, at the site in front of the entrance to Petrozavodsk State University those who open their working season for the first time, as well as those who have been working as part of student teams for several years already, gathered.
In 2021, about 200 students will work both in the Republic of Karelia and in the Krasnodar Territory, the Republic of Crimea, the Chelyabinsk Region and other regions. Students will work in construction, pedagogical, medical teams and a team of guides.

On the opening of the working season, the participants of the construction teams were congratulated by A.V. Voronin, Head of Petrozavodsk State University:

Dear commanders, fighters and veterans of student detachments! Today is a significant day for us – we are opening the next working season. Undoubtedly, the season is rich and interesting, which will bring joy, new friends, new victories, new knowledge. I have been in the construction team twice. Once we renovated the Olympic reserve base near Moscow. Today, when I see how the national teams train there, I even recognize the windows that we have glazed, the places where we have concreted and repaired. It embraces a sense of pride and involvement in a big cause, it sometimes seems that athletes win gold medals, also thanks to my work and my colleagues.

The second time I was in a construction brigade in Karelia, in the Pudozh region. We worked from early morning until late at night, the plan was overfulfilled. We were building a narrow gauge railway. We became very friends, with many – for life: we call each other, talk, see each other. Of course, the student construction brigade is wonderful. The main thing is a good friendly company, a strong team, a big deal, the fulfillment of the set goals, good experience. Construction brigade time is interesting; it is not so much a job as a great pleasure. Good luck! Good luck!

V.N. Pivnenko, Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation:

Dear construction crew members, I congratulate you on the opening of the third labor session! I wish everything to be successful and successful! The kindest wishes that you would benefit yourself, our republic with such a large labor force, learn to receive labor knowledge in field conditions, and receive good wages. It is very important that among the detachments there are many pedagogical ones, since summer rest and health improvement of children in our republic is a priority direction. I wish your work to be fun, interesting skills, new friends! All the best to you! Keep the traditions of our glorious Petrozavodsk State University, which has been setting an example in its work for decades.

Valentina Nikolaevna noted:

I want to say special thanks to the conductors. I often travel to Moscow for work, so I spend 6-8 nights on the train a month. I had to communicate with student guides. They are wonderful guys, very interesting and responsive. Good luck, success. On the way!

R.G. Golubev, Minister of Education and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, congratulated the students on the start of the working season:

The last year was very difficult, but you continued to work, especially doctors, worked with children, worked in transport. We worked where it was quite dangerous. You continued your volunteer work, helped in the action “We are Together”, conducted an excellent “Onega landing”, helped people who needed it. Thank you! Ahead is a new working season. I wish you a good summer and make new friends! Development for student teams! May there be more and more of us every year!

K.A. Polyarnaya, chairman of the board of the Karelian regional branch of the “Russian Student Groups”, said:

Exactly 7 years ago, here, in this place, I stood waiting for my first working season in the role of the commander of the student pedagogical detachment. If now I had the opportunity to go back in time and give myself, that in 2014, advice, it would sound like this: “If difficulties arise, take them as a kind of test that will definitely make you even stronger and closer to a better version of yourself. “. Be healthy, do not be afraid of difficulties. They temper us. Where there is resistance, there is growth. You will definitely cope with everything!

V.A. Bilkova, head of the Karelian regional headquarters “Russian Student Detachments”, noted:

Thank you very much for choosing student teams one day. I am convinced that student teams are the most correct and wonderful thing that can happen to a student. The most important thing for me is that the guys come back healthy and happy.

Alexandra Yakovchuk said:

This is my seventh season. Now I am a master of the student medical unit “Astra”. 2015 was my first working season. Then I founded a pedagogical detachment and for three years he traveled with me for the seasons – we worked as counselors at sea. Then I decided to develop a medical direction, since I myself am a physician in my future specialty. So, in Karelia, a student medical team “Astra”, which is already 3.5 years old, appeared. In the summer of 2020, during a pandemic, we opened an interregional student project – we created an interregional student medical team “MIR”, which worked on the basis of the City Hospital and the Perinatal Center. It employed 23 people, most of whom were students of PetrSU. Responsibilities included caring for patients, working as orderlies, doing processing, disinfection of surfaces and premises. The administrations of medical institutions thanked us for our work, for the great help and support of the medical staff. This project will continue this summer, and its coverage will be broader: we will be able to provide assistance to even more medical institutions.

Yulia Smirnova, a first-year student at the Institute of Philology, shared her plans:

My older sister was a member of the construction brigade, and from her I learned about construction brigades. This is my first working season. I really like my detachment of the pedagogical direction “Mayak”. I expect bright emotions and impressions from this season, interesting events. Our squadron goes to the Urals, it is very far, but interesting, we are discovering a new region for ourselves. We are going on 2 shifts – 42 days. We will conduct various activities with children from 6 to 17 years old in a children’s health camp: help children get to know each other, rally a squad, conduct games, educational and entertainment activities. I think there will be great memories, photos and videos.

Let us remind you that before the beginning of the working season, the participants of the movement underwent professional training in their direction. For three months, candidates for fighters of student detachments of Karelia studied in the workshop of additional education “Your Profile”, successfully passed the exams and received the working professions of a concrete worker, painter, conductor of a passenger carriage and a counselor. The project “Workshop” of the additional education program “Your Profile” is being implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.


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