PetrSU is a participant in the wastewater treatment project

PetrSU participates in the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Program (project KA4020) “Improving the ecological situation in the region by valorizing municipal and industrial sludge (waste) of sewage”.
Since the end of June, Karelvodokanal LLC (Sortavala), together with Petrozavodsk State University, began a pilot experiment on composting sewage sludge.

At the moment, two pilot sites have been identified: composting with mechanical mixing of the heaps and with pressure aeration. A work schedule has been developed. Samples of sediment were taken. Now it is very hot in Karelia, so the equipment works at night, and the piles have to be constantly moistened.

Representatives of Karelvodokanal LLC (Sortavala) came to the WWTP (sewage treatment plant) of Petrozavodsk to get acquainted with the features of the composting process, who launched a pilot experiment on their site a month ago ,

– told during the working meeting representatives of PetrSU – Head of the Department of International Projects and Programs Galina Parikhina and Associate Professor of the Department of Technology and Organization of Construction Elena Grafova, – responsible for the technology and implementation of the process and assessing the scale of soil production.

The entire waste processing cycle is presented on the composting site. Chief Technologist Svetlana Gorina spoke about the peculiarities of waste generation and plans of PKS-Vodokanal (Petrozavodsk) to improve equipment for sludge dewatering.

As an experiment, KOS employee Andrey Skvortsov planted potatoes and beans in the produced soil. There is a high germination rate of planting.

The meeting was held in a constructive dialogue, the representatives of Sortavala came to adjust the process taking into account the experience gained.


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