PetrSU students are winners of the competition of video projects in foreign languages

According to the results of the III international interuniversity competition of student video projects in foreign languages ​​Invideo-2020, organized by the Novosibirsk State Technical University, students of the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences won prizes.
Individual and collective video projects made as part of classroom and extracurricular work in foreign languages ​​were accepted for the Invideo-2020 competition .

Second-year students of the direction of training “Historical and Cultural Tourism” took second place in the nomination “My direction of training”. The authors of the video project – Elizaveta Chivina, Veronika Fariseeva, Daria Lazareva and Daria Grishina – presented a video in English about their direction of training through the prism of the experience of freshmen and senior students – “Cultural Heritage Tourism through the Eyes of the First and Third Year Students”. The whole group (23 students) took part in the work on the project, working as a well-coordinated team (the curator of the video project is LN Yusupova, a teacher at the Institute for Foreign Languages).

The fourth-year students of the International Relations direction Kirill Kalyanov and Irina Bogdanova made a video in French (the second foreign language) about the extracurricular activities of PetrSU students. They took third place in the “Student Life” nomination with the work “La vie parascolaire de PetrSU” (curated by the video project teacher TM Tatarina). The students told how many opportunities for the development of talents and creative abilities are provided by Petrozavodsk State University.

Teachers of the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences of PetrSU congratulate creative students.