PetrSU students dub cartoons in the Karelian language

On the occasion of the anniversary of the animation studio “House of Light”, a presentation of the cartoon in the Karelian language Kyykkä took place.
For 15 years in the village of Essoila, Pryazhinsky District, the animation studio “House of Light” has been working.

Cartoons in it are created by students of the Essoil secondary school under the direction of the artist Oleg Nikolaevich Obnosov.

This year, for the anniversary of the studio, cartoons in the Karelian language were released, and one of them is Kyykkä (kar.). The cartoon tells about the Karelian game that the Karelians have played since ancient times. The name kyykkä (kyukkä) comes from the Karelian language. Kykkä is considered a separate discipline within the city sport. The winner is determined by counting the points for the kyukkä remaining in the field. The cartoon Kyykkä tells about some of the rules of the game : the main task of the players, and kykkä is played one-on-one or in teams, is to knock out the maximum number of towns that are located on the front line of the court with a bat. The more wooden barrels knocked out of the city, the better.

The cartoon characters speak with the voices of students of the Department of Baltic-Finnish Philology and the Department of Primary Education: Ulyana Gerasimova (4th year), Serafima Funtikova (3rd year) and Danila Zaitsev (2nd year). The soundtrack of the cartoon was preceded by rehearsals, work on the text and pronunciation. The recording studio of the Media Center of PetrSU provided invaluable assistance in recording sound to students and teachers (T.V. Pashkova, A.A.Afanasyeva and S.V. Korobeinikova).

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