PetrSU students on an icebreaker

The foresight icebreaker “Student Dimension of the Modern and Future Arctic” – an educational project of the Institute of Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship of MASU, in which students of PetrSU took an active part, has come to an end.
The foresight icebreaker was organized by the Murmansk Arctic State University with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. For three days, students attended master sessions from federal experts and developed projects for the development of the Arctic territories at sites: urbanism, design, tourism, fashion.

A foresight session is the work of several teams on technologies for accelerating ideas and projects (think tank, brainstorming, etc.) to agree on ideas about the future, develop scenarios for social development, put forward initiatives for their implementation in the form of projects and strategic decisions, as well as form competencies in the study of the future. The concept of the program is based on the image of an icebreaker breaking the usual practices of designing, gaining knowledge, it leads events, educational courses, projects that shape tomorrow today.

The Foresight Icebreaker format is a session of educational communications for young people, successful entrepreneurs, representatives of the creative community, authoritative scientists, government experts, as a result of which the experience of exploratory forecasting, the development of concepts and roadmaps of projects that change the quality of life of the Arctic regions based on positive thinking is formed, motivations for personal activity and diverse professional competencies. The mechanics of the Forsyth Icebreaker is an assembly of creative platforms, the result of each of which is a project and its roadmap, allowing the region and the university to offer a new vision of the life of the Arctic region.

This year, two students of the Department of Technology, Fine Arts and Design of the Design direction Yaroslav Roganina and Polina Katysheva took an active part in the foresight session.

At the end of May, Polina and I were given a unique opportunity to visit Murmansk in connection with the wonderful “Forsyth Icebreaker” event. There we could develop a unique northern project with the possibility of using various materials and technologies.

We created a prototype of a tablecloth depicting tree roots sprouting to the very surface of the trunk. In a way, it is a symbol of family unity. Thanks to this trip, we were able to feel the spirit of the Far North, feel it on ourselves, work in teams and exchange experience and professional knowledge, Yaroslav shares his impressions.