PetrSU students participate in the construction of the city

Students of the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences undergo practical training at construction sites in Petrozavodsk.
Students can consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained at the university in production, passing practice at the construction site of the largest construction organization in Karelia “Karelstroymekhanizatsiya” (KSM).

So, a third-year student of the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences of PetrSU Sergey Bogma said that he came from Murmansk in 2018 to enroll in the direction of Industrial and Civil Engineering. The student is the owner of the KSM scholarship. Sergey has been practicing at KSM for several years:

The first time I performed the duties of an auxiliary worker, it was important for me to understand the whole structure from the inside. In the second practice, I was already an assistant to the master. I did everything the foreman did: from filling out magazines to guiding workers (setting tasks, accepting work).

Initially, when I was just immersing myself in my specialty, I got to know the profession, it was difficult, gradually all duties became familiar, the work was well-known, but always interesting. I really like!

By the way, the houses, the construction of which I take part in, are reliable and comfortable, with a good layout of apartments, and I myself would gladly live in such a house.

As for plans for the future, the student noted:

There are a lot of options: work in your specialty, get a second higher education, or combine study and work.


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