PetrSU students work in the student team “Mir”

Fighters of the regional student medical unit “Mir” have been working in hospitals of Karelia throughout August.
Children from Karelia, Orenburg, Bashkortostan, Pskov, Irkutsk, Tatarstan, Mordovia, Tyumen, Perm, Chuvashia work in the Mir Interregional Student Medical Unit. There are 32 people in the detachment. Including 6 people – students of PetrSU.

Yana Larionova, a 4th year student of the Medical Institute, spoke about her experience of working in the Mir detachment:

We work in GBUZ BSMP, Pryazha Central Regional Hospital and Perinatal Center.

Basically, the soldiers of the detachment work as orderlies, junior and paramedical personnel.

I have been in the squadron for 3 years (since September 2018). I am the commander of the Astra Astra and the head of the Mir press center.

I really like my job, I enjoy every day I work. Fighters of student medical teams have an excellent opportunity to see the hospital life in various departments, so the guys can find out what specialties they are interested in. And many also note the importance of this first experience, it is he who is a necessary springboard for the future life of a physician.

At the moment I work in the emergency room of the emergency hospital, in the X-ray room. It turns out that I am simultaneously studying the profession of an X-ray laboratory assistant for myself. I am very interested and I think that this experience will be useful for me in the future.


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