New information boards appeared in the Botanical Garden of PetrSU

New information stands will acquaint visitors with interesting animals – inhabitants of the natural ecosystems of the Botanical Garden.
The development was attended by the teacher of PetrSU, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department. Zoology and Ecology IBEiA Lyabzina Svetlana Nikolaevna, trainee-researcher of the laboratory of zoology, Institute of Biology, KarRC RAS ​​Andrey Olegovich Tolstoguzov, head of the department of plant introduction, BS PetrSU Elena Anatolyevna Platonova, IBEAT students within the framework of summer practice in zoology, the design was made by Ekaterina Lykova , Fine Arts and Design of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of PetrSU.

In the Botanical Garden, we have created several tablets on faunal themes, dedicated to the inhabitants of temporary reservoirs and insects of the forest. First-year students of biology and ecologists took part in their creation during the period of educational practice. During the internship, students not only study the local fauna, but also carry out research work, and one of the bottom is the preparation of material (illustrative and description) for the identified inhabitants. Thus, we instill in the children a scientific interest and practical application of knowledge.

The preparation takes several months, since it is necessary to identify a group of inhabitants for which, like everyone else, phenological changes are characteristic. That is, in June there are some species, and in July and August there are already others.

The creation of tablets will continue in the future. Currently, they are being trained for shell amoebae and some orders of insects.

We are grateful to the management of the Botanical Garden for their interest and warm welcome during the practice, –

said Svetlana Nikolaevna Lyabzina, professor, doctor of biological sciences,
associate professor of the Department of Zoology and Ecology of the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies of PetrSU.


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