PetrSU will train new production personnel

The second meeting of the interdepartmental working group on coordination of work and control over the implementation of the investment project of deep modernization of the Onega shipbuilding and ship repair plant was held in Petrozavodsk.
The previous meeting took place in Moscow in the summer.

Until 2024, it is planned to implement a deep modernization project at the Onega Shipyard with the creation of a digital shipyard. The project involves the introduction of digital support for ship construction, robotization and automation of production processes with an increase in the number of ships built from three to 10 annually. The digital shipyard will build river-sea vessels, as well as technical and auxiliary vessels.

As part of a deep modernization, it is planned to build new facilities: a block of hull workshops, a checkpoint, a data processing center , a gasification station, and treatment facilities. In addition, the existing slipway is being reconstructed . An integrated digital production information system will be used to manage the enterprise . The construction of new facilities should proceed without stopping the existing

The main executor of the project and the developer of the information system is the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University. SPbGMTU and PetrSU will jointly implement network educational programs for training specialists for new production.

The modernization of the plant will create at least 500 additional jobs .

We will also work together with Petrozavodsk University, noted the Head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov.