PM Modi says, from largest vaccination drive to use of drones in agriculture, India now moving towards an innovation-led future; Addresses members of Indian community in Munich

Munich: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India has shown that democracy can deliver and has delivered. Addressing the Indian Diaspora at a community event in Munich, Germany today, Mr. Modi said, today, we can proudly say that India is the mother of democracy.

He said, today is the anniversary of the dark chapter in India’s history- the Emergency, that was imposed in 1975. The Prime Minister said, it was our democratic mindset that eventually prevailed and resisted the Emergency. He said, we Indians are proud of our democracy. Mr. Modi said, the diversity of culture, food, clothes, music and traditions makes our democracy vibrant. He said, this diversity makes us stronger – Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.

The Prime Minister said, India is witnessing a tech and digital revolution. He said, from the largest vaccination drive to public procurement to the use of drones in agriculture, India is now moving towards an innovation-led future. He said, with the highest mobile data consumption, India is one of the cheapest data providers in the world.

Mr. Modi said, We are making new records in data consumption, data prices and even digital transactions. He said, India is leading the way. The Prime Minister said, today, New India is at the forefront of Industry 4.0. He said, be it IT or digital technology, India is shining at every front. Mr. Modi said, that India in the 21st century is leading the Industry 4.0 revolution. He said, in India now we have a unicorn every 10 days, and five thousand patents are being filed every month. The Prime Minister said, we are progressing and we are growing.

He said, every month, on average, India is making 500 railway coaches and providing 18 lakh households with clean water under Har Ghar Jal. The Prime Minister said, today, every village in our country is open defecation free, has electricity, has roads and 99 per cent of the villages also have clean cooking fuel. He said, during the COVID-19 pandemic, India ensured free rations to 80 crore poor people. Mr. Modi said, when a country makes the right decisions at the right time and with the right intent and works towards Sabka Vikaas, it is imperative that the country will grow. He said, a few examples of the shining New India of the 21st century are the GeM portal has over 50 lakh sellers, 12 to 15 lakh Indians are booking 12 to 15 lakh tickets online, drones are being used to sprinkle fertilizers and PM Svamitva Yojana has helped in digital mapping of property in villages. The Prime Minister said, Government had put an ambitious target of 10 per cent ethanol blending in petrol and it was achieved 5 months before the target. He said, there was a time when people said India will take 10 to 15 years to vaccinate its population against COVID-19. Mr. Modi said, today, 90 per cent of adults have taken both doses and 95 per cent of adults have taken at least one dose.

He said, Made-in-India vaccines became instrumental in saving lives across the world during the pandemic. The Prime Minister said, there was a time when we were completely dependent on other countries for our mobile phone demands and today India is the 2nd largest mobile manufacturer that exports to other countries as well. He said, we have moved from just a dream of Make in India to the 3rd largest startup ecosystem, from being an importer of mobile phones to the 2nd the largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Mr. Modi said, we are making in India, for the world. The Prime Minister said, India is stepping up to the challenges and has emerged as the hope of the world. He said, with initiatives such as the PLI Schemes, India has now enhanced its manufacturing capabilities significantly and the world is also looking at India as a reliable supply chain partner.

The Prime Minister said, when the people of a nation come together and through Jan Bhaagidaari work towards transforming it, the nation witnesses unshakeable support from across the world. He said, India is now on an unstoppable path of growth. Mr. Modi said, Climate change is not only to government policies. He said, today, our youth are adopting pro-climate technologies and sustainable practices. He said, till 2014, Open Defecation was a big problem. The Prime Minister said, Government constructed 10 crore toilets to solve this and now cleanliness is considered to be responsible by every Indian. He said, as we celebrate 75 years of Independence, India is now dreaming new dreams, making new goals and working towards realizing them. Mr. Modi said, India is moving from Sankalp to Samriddhi. He said, today when India is celebrating Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, we are setting new records of inclusiveness and aspirations.

The Prime Minister said, we are not only setting new targets but also working towards realising those dreams. He said, India is now no longer lamenting over global problems, instead India is leading the charge and providing sustainable solutions to the world. Mr. Modi said, today, with International Solar Alliance, India has given the mantra of ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’ to the world. He said, we have brought 21st-century policies for the youth of New India and today, our youth will be able to complete their education in their own mother tongues.

The Prime Minister said, today, India is working on building a new legacy and this is being led by the youth of the country. He expressed gratitude to the entire diaspora in Germany for the warm welcome and immense love. Mr. Modi said, the Indians living abroad are not only the success story of India but also the brand ambassadors of our success. He said, the Indian Diaspora across the world, is not only India’s success story but also Rashtra Doots who are taking India to the world and becoming brand ambassadors for the success of the nation.