Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: Universidad Católica was recognized in the Technology Transfer Awards

For the fifth consecutive year, the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation , Corfoand the Network of Technological Managers of Chile (RedGT) recognized the work and impact of the people and institutions that make up the national ecosystem of technology transfer.

Due to the pandemic, the traditional annual awards could not be held last year. On this occasion, the awards ceremony was held virtually on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

“The last period has been so particularly complex that more than ever we want to acknowledge the successes of organizations and their professionals committed to innovation. In addition, widely communicate those efforts in science and technology, whose results positively impact the economy, the quality of life of people, and also those that emerged to face the pandemic. To the entrepreneurs of companies with a scientific-technological base, in their relevant role for the transformation of the national productive matrix, towards a knowledge economy ” , highlighted Silvana Becerra, president of the Network of Technological Managers (RedGT).

Best Transfer Office
The UC Transfer and Development Directorate was recognized with the award for Best Transfer and Licensing Office . During the period from June 2019 to December 2020, UC Transfer managed to sign 24 license contracts, supported the creation of 3 spinoff companies with a scientific-technological base, and filed 149 patent applications . In the same period, the Transfer Directorate managed 2 industrial secrets and 47 copyrights and managed to raise 78 declarations of invention.

“These results fill us with satisfaction and encourage us as a team to continue working with academic units, looking for companies and supporting researchers so that their research results can generate economic and social impact,” said Alvaro Ossa, director of Transferencia UC after the ceremony.

On behalf of the Catholic University, the Vice-Rector for Research, Pedro Bouchon, received the distinction, who pointed out at the time that “the articulation and networking between academia, private and public industry, and of course the State, are fundamental to be able to transfer technologies that have a positive impact on society, in Chile and the world . “

Outstanding scientific-technological entrepreneurship
The spin-off company Zippedi, founded by Ariel Schilkrut, Luis Vera and the UC Computer Science academic , Álvaro Soto , was the winner in the category that awarded the best technology-based ventures emerged in universities and transferred to the market.

The startup develops a robot with Artificial Intelligence created from the research results of the UC Computer Science Department team, which allows to review the prices and the correct positioning of the products arranged in the gondolas of supermarkets and large retail stores. They currently have almost 100 robots present in supermarkets and stores in Colombia, the United States and Chile.

Ariel Schilkrut, one of the founders of the company, received the recognition and thanked the Universidad Católica and Dictuc, key players who allowed “to transform this research into an innovation with a global reach” .

Collaborating company
The food company Orizon was awarded in the Collaborating Company category, for the successful licensing and implementation of a new frying system to develop healthy snacks, created by Pedro Bouchon, academic and Vice-Rector for Research at the Catholic University . Food innovation had the support of the COPEC-UC Foundation and Dictuc .