President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu inaugurated a National Convention on ‘Women as Foundation of Value-based Society’




The President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu inaugurated a National Convention on ‘Women as Foundation of Value-based Society’ and launched an all India awareness campaign ‘Empowering the Family’ at the Om Shanti Retreat Centre of Brahmakumaris at Gurugram today (February 9, 2023).


Speaking on the occasion, the President said that the theme of today’s National Convention ‘Women as Foundation of a Value-based Society’ is very relevant. Women have played a very important role in shaping the values ​​and ethics in Indian society. She expressed happiness that the Brahmakumaris organisation has tried to revive Indian values ​​by keeping women at the centre. Today, this is the world’s largest spiritual institution run by women and more than 46 thousand sisters of this organisation are carrying forward the tradition of spirituality and Indian culture in about 140 countries.


Speaking about empowerment of women, the President said that whenever women have got equal opportunities, they have performed at par with men and sometimes better than them in every field. She noted that women’s participation is increasing in many fields. However, many of them are not able to reach the top position. It has been observed that in the middle level management of the private sector, there has been a decrease in women participation above a certain level. The main reason behind this is family responsibilities. Generally working women have to shoulder the responsibility of home too along with the office. We need to change the mindset that bringing up children and managing home are the responsibility of women only. Women should get more support from the family so that she can reach the highest position in her career without any hindrance. She said that families would be empowered only by the empowerment of women and empowered families would make an empowered society and empowered nation.


The President said that competition is increasing these days. People are running after money, power, fame and prestige. There is no harm in being financially strong, but living only for money is not proper. Economic progress and material prosperity can give us materialistic happiness, but not eternal peace. Spiritual life opens doors to divine bliss.


Speaking about the role of a mother in family, the President said that the nature of a mother is always inclusive. She never discriminates between her children. That is why nature is also called “Mother Nature”. We all know that mother is the first teacher in the family. She not only introduces the child to the family-members and environment, but also inculcates the prevailing values in the child. Therefore, mothers need to educate their children with right values. Instead of making children career conscious since childhood, they should inspire children to become a good human being. A mother can teach children not to let money become their only priority. With the efforts of a mother, a family can become an ideal family. If every family becomes an ideal family then the nature of the society would automatically change. Our society could become a value-based society.