President of Uzbekistan visits India for his first State Visit

New Delhi: President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of the Republic of Uzbekistan is scheduled to visit India, for his first official state visit. Accompanied by senior delegation members, he is scheduled to meet the President and Prime Minister of India, as well as Indian government officials, later this month.
This visit marks a new chapter in Indo-Uzbek ties and a future that is rich in programs of bilateral cooperation. Strengthened over the past few years, this mutually prosperous relationship has led to several high-level, multi-sectoral delegation visits, paving the way for this momentous meeting. A series of contracts and agreements set to boost trade ties between the two countries are expected to be signed during this period.

Over the last two years, the Republic of Uzbekistan has made tremendous progress on important political, economic, and social reforms. As central Asia’s key power these concerted efforts have reinforced Uzbekistan’s goal to achieve a robust market economy.
This anticipated visit will welcome high-level Uzbek delegation members, including senators and regional governors, as well as heads of State for the Investment Committee, Tourism Committee, Ministries of Trade, Healthcare, Education, Information Technology and Innovation. The delegation will also include the Agencies for industries like Oil and Gas, Energy, Chemicals, Airlines, Automobile, Electric Equipment, Agriculture, Food production and Textiles, among others.

President Mirziyoyev is scheduled to hold further discussions on Indo-Uzbek collaborations in trade, economic & financial investments, innovation and humanitarian efforts. Discussions will also entail the Republic of Uzbekistan’s prospective projects in the fields of information technology, medicine, pharmaceuticals and tourism.

Speaking about the upcoming state visit, Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to India, Farhod Arziev stated the commencement of a series of events over the next week that will promote the Indo-Uzbek partnerships across sectors. He further added that the Uzbek-Indo relationship has always been rooted in history and culture. This shared heritage is the foundation for a prosperous future between the two countries. The upcoming State visit of the President of Uzbekistan to India will usher in high-level meetings spanning political and economic circles as well as, the new start of a reinforced bilateral relationship across sectors.

The Indo-Uzbek relationship has created several notable Indian investments including UzMinda JV by Minda Group, which has been producing spare automobile parts in the Navoi Free Economic Zone since 2011, Nova Pharma JV in Termez since 2011 and the Ramada hotel, which has been operating in the capital city of Tashkent since 2009. A total of 139 operational companies, currently exist in Uzbekistan with the participation of the Indian capital. Indian companies in Uzbekistan operate in a wide range of sectors, from wholesale, retail and manufacturing to petroleum, chemicals textiles, leather, agriculture, construction and service industries.

In the last six months, trade turnover between the two countries has reached $135 million USD and a future Indo-Uzbek economic relations will have significant potential in the fields of pharmaceuticals, IT, tourism, healthcare and innovations among others.