Private Schools across the Country Observed Black Day

New Delhi: Private schools across the country observed BLACK DAY in protest of discriminatory policies against safety of teachers, principal, school management, drivers and support staffs.

More than 60 thousand schools across the country affiliated witch state, CBSE and ICSE boards observed Black Day on the call of NISA. Schools from Delhi, UP, MP, Bihar, Assam, Nagaland, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kashmir, Himachal, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Maharshtra, Telangana, Andhara, Kerala, Tamilnadu had maximum participation.
Schools functioned with all teachers and staffs wearing BLACK RIBBON, schools and buses with BLACK FLAGS and sent representation to the honorable Prime Minister.
Teachers, Drivers, Schools Management are behind the bar and schools have closed down in the name of safety. Students’ education is in stake.
Demands to restore autonomy of schools and dignity of educators. Management and principals not to be penalized for accidents. No arrest and no school closure before the proper investigation.
The national federation of associations of budget private schools, National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), observed BLACK DAY today in protest of increasing government intervention in day to day school management. Teaching and Non Teaching Staffs Safety are in Stake and there is an immense need for Teachers Protection Act to ensure safety of teachers, principal, school management, drivers and support staffs.

Mr. Kulbhushan Sharma, National President of NISA said- in India we always have a higher value for teachers. But in recent days because of the discriminatory policies against safety of teaching and not teaching staff number of teachers, principal, school management, drivers and support staffs are behind the bars today. Teachers are being treated as criminals. “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” slogan is just an eye wash as literate Betiyan those who are working as a teachers and for the betterment of the education are behind the bars today. Mr Sharma alleged government for this approach in handling safety and security of students, teachers and support staff. The female teachers and female principals are soft target in the ambit of law. The teachers have been arrested without proper investigation and immediately filling Non-Bailable sections. The safety of teachers is in stake in our country. NISA has planned to file a PIL to have Teachers Protection Act in place to save teaching and non teaching staff those who are contributing to the education system. Mr Sharma also shared that its really difficult for a teachers community to celebrate Dr Radhakrshnan Birth anniversary and teachers day when number of teachers are behind the bars. They all should be immediately released and that would be the best tribute and respect to Dr Radhakrishnan.

Thomas Antony, National Coordinator of NISA said that in recent days many incidents happened across India, in which the teachers, school drivers, Principal and School Management and support staff were penalized, sent jail, bail not granted for long time and were harassed, traumatized because of the way our police department and legal organizations are dealing with case. The female principals and teachers those who chosen the noble profession are dealing with police and running from pillar to post to get justice in which they not even committed any crime. These actions brought the situation where no one is ready to become a teacher and principal or school leader. It’s high to have a direction from government for no arrest and no school closure before the proper investigation.

NISA and all its member associations have sent a representation to the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and expecting to get his kind attention to bring Teachers Safety Act and reform the education system which is not safe for teachers and school management.