“Problems of Mathematics from Ancient Times to the Present Day”

A scientific and practical seminar in English “Mathematics Issues from Ancient to Modern Times” was held at the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Natural and Technical Trends and Specialties of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of PetrSU.

The event was organized by Olga Valerievna Nikiforova, Tatyana Borisovna Stankevich and Vladislav Borisovich Dorofeev, senior teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Natural and Technical Directions and Specialties of the Institute of Foreign Languages.

The seminar involved 1st and 2nd year students of the areas of training “Mathematics”, “Applied Mathematics”, “Information Systems”, “Software Engineering”. The total number of participants in the scientific event was 30 students. Students made reports in English on issues related to the development of mathematics and the field of information technology. The presentations prepared by the students were of a scientific-practical and professional-oriented nature.

The purpose of the seminar is to develop and improve students’ professional and foreign language communicative competencies, as well as public speaking skills.

It should be noted that the students took an active part in this event, and also used the entire arsenal of knowledge in the English language and a creative approach in preparing their reports. During the speeches, the students had to not only present their work in English, but also answer the questions of the jury and other participants of the seminar on the content of their reports. Despite the carefully prepared presentations by the students, the jury of the seminar would like to especially note the performances of the 1st and 2nd year students in the fields of training “Information Systems” and “Software Engineering”.

Summing up the results of the meeting, the chairman of the jury, senior teacher of English Nikiforova Olga Valerievna expressed a desire to hold similar events in the future, as well as to organize an additional section in English. language from the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies in the framework of the All-Russian Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists. Based on the results of the scientific and practical seminar, all students will be awarded with certificates of participants.