Rabindranath World School introduces Grammy Award Winner Prof. Gerald Wirth Methods

Gurgaon: Rabindranath World School (RWS) collaborates with Music Institute of Chromatics (MIC) to introduce “Wirth Method of Music Learning” to children in school. RWS has over nineteen years of academic excellence in progressive and professionally equipped teachers which lead them to achieve yet another milestone in the Indian history of education.

The Grammy Award Winner, Austrian Musician and Composer, Prof. Gerald Wirth introduces his famous “Wirth Method” – an integrative and innovative approach to learn music, presented before academicians and principals of Indian Schools and Colleges for the first time in India.

Being a former Artistic Counsellor of the Austrian-Indian institute, Gerald Wirth has always shown a keen interest in Indian culture and its music for many decades. He has also worked jointly with late Pandit Ravi Shankar, and now has collaborated with Music Institute of Chromatics (MIC), to make Indian classical music globally known and popular to the world.

Mr. Yeshvir Singh Tomar, Chairman of RWS said, “We are supremely delighted to have Mr. Wirth on board with us, to create such a breakthrough in Indian educational system – which is globally considered the most hectic of all. We at RWS, constantly wish to evolve the teaching techniques to provide better curriculum absorption for students. We are grateful to MIC for supporting us in the process.”

Mr. Mohit Rathore, Co-founder of MIC believes that “Wirth’s Method” is a creative way for students to cultivate their artistic talents and performance skills. His team has initiated to equip schools and colleges with Wirth’s methodology by providing them end to end solutions like talent specific instruments to each student in the classroom for hands-on practice, Wirth Method curriculum and syllabus, as well as specialized and well-trained teachers.

The president and artistic director of the Vienna Boys’ Choir and founder of the Wirth Music Academy, Prof. Gerald Wirth has worked over 20 years to develop his famous “Wirth’s Method” of teaching music. Prof. Wirth mentioned, “The times are changing, millennialism have no boundaries as to what they love in music or otherwise which advances the chances of integration techniques. Art and culture is at its peak, yet again. Instruments like sitar, table, flute, tanpura, etc. are now given several global platforms making it immensely important for students to take their culture collaboratively with their interests, to reach newer heights.”